Young Mother With Lung Cancer Raising Funds for ResearchEmily Daniels is coming together for cancer patients after being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer while pregnant in her 30s.
Daughter Walks to Fight Lung Cancer in Honor of Her DadOn Saturday, June 2, hundreds of people will walk at the Denver Botanic Gardens-Chatfield Farms Littleton to raise awareness and money to fight lung cancer. Among them will be a woman who was devastated to lose her father to the disease.
Fighting Lung Cancer For Herself And Everyone“All you need to get lung cancer, are lungs,” said Anne Phillips. “I had exactly one symptom to get lung cancer, I had lungs.”
100 Radiation Treatments Later, Mountain Dweller 'Doesn't Accept' Fatal Cancer DiagnosisRon Batt knows where his cancer came from. He was a smoker for almost 40 years.
Doctors Thought He Had Lung Cancer. It Turns Out He Inhaled A Toy 40 Years Ago.A man with a cough was thought to have lung cancer. It turns out the culprit was from a little toy he swallowed 40 years ago.
Super Bowl, Pro Bowl Trips For Cancer Patients Who Are Great At FundraisingOne woman battling cancer is going to the Super Bowl, and another the Pro Bowl after being top fundraisers for cancer research.
‘You Cannot Tie This Guy Down’ Says Doctor About Man Living With Incurable Lung CancerA Colorado man with incurable lung cancer still manages to live life to the fullest. It's a testament to the advances that have been made in lung cancer treatment.
CT Scans Covered By Insurance Is 'Best News,' Says Denver DoctorThe chest CT scan that smoker Stan Swank received in April may have saved his life, and offered proof that early detection of lung cancer is effective.
Musician & Colorado Resident Joe Cocker Dies Of CancerColorado resident and British native Joe Cocker, the beloved musician, has died.
Former NFL Player Spreads Word About Lung Cancer In ColoradoHe tackled pro football players for 12 years, but former NFL linebacker Chris Draft is now battling a disease that took his love, and changed his life.
National Jewish Health Developing Breath Test For Lung CancerLung cancer is the number one cancer killer, and it's often discovered too late to cure. But researchers at National Jewish Health in Denver may have found a new way to spot it earlier than ever.