Boulder DA Will Act As Special Prosecutor In Rep. Saine CaseThe Boulder District Attorney will act as a special prosecutor in the case of State Rep. Lori Saine. Saine was arrested at Denver International Airport last week.
State Representative Saine Leaves Denver JailRep. Lori Saine did not answer questions as she left the Denver Detention Center following her arrest at Denver International Airport.
Lawmaker Arrested After Loaded 9mm Found In Bag By TSA AgentState lawmaker Lori Saine was arrested at Denver International Airport for "knowingly" bringing a loaded 9mm gun to the TSA screening checkpoint.
Colorado State Representative Arrested At DIARepublican representative Lori Saine was arrested at Denver International Airport for possessing a gun.
Lawmaker From Firestone To Push For Oil & Gas Pipeline MappingA state lawmaker says she will introduce a bill that would require all the oil and gas pipelines in Colorado to be mapped out.
State Lawmakers Take Hot Car ChallengeSince 1998, more than 700 children in the U.S. have died after being left in a hot car.
State Senators Debate Construction Defects BillState senators will debate a construction defects bill on Wednesday that has already passed the state House.
Construction Defects Bill Passes House, Expected To Pass SenateThere's been a breakthrough on changing the law on construction defects in Colorado.
DA Blames Loophole In DUI Law For Lenient SentencesArapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler is blaming a loophole in Colorado law for felony DUI convictions that result in no jail time.
Colorado Lawmakers Make New Push For Construction Litigation ReformsDevelopers say state laws have made it too easy for condo owners to file lawsuits, which has driven builders out of the state. Some lawmakers are trying to change that.
Bill Designed To Save Lives Of Children, Pets Moves ForwardA bill designed to save the lives of children and pets moves forward at the state Capitol. The measure would give immunity to Good Samaritans who break into a stranger's vehicle to save a child or pet.