Liberian Community Continues To Raise Supplies To Fight EbolaMembers of Colorado's Liberian community loaded boxes to send back to their native country on Friday. They've been putting together supplies for weeks to help fight Ebola in West Africa.
Church, Liberian Community Raise $3,000 For Ebola VictimsA community and church group in Aurora that has been collecting donations and supplies to help Liberians afflicted with Ebola has raised thousands of dollars.
Fundraiser In Aurora Benefits Ebola Victims In West AfricaA community and church group in Aurora is collecting donations and supplies to help Liberians afflicted with Ebola.
Ebola Virus Survivor Returns To ColoradoA woman from Evergreen whose fight with ebola gripped the nation is back in her home state of Colorado.
Local Liberian Community Helping Those Struggling With EbolaThe local Liberian community is gathering supplies in hopes of showing support for those overseas struggling with Ebola.
Colorado Hospitals Say They're Ready For An Ebola CaseHealth officials on Tuesday confirmed the first diagnosed case of the Ebola virus in the U.S., and Colorado hospitals say they're ready if get a case comes to the state.
Fort Carson Soldiers Could Be Sent To LiberiaSome of the 1,400 soldiers being sent to Liberia to help fight the spread of Ebola could come from Colorado's Fort Carson.
Evergreen Grad Credits Drug, Care, Faith For Surviving EbolaAn American missionary who graduated from Evergreen High School who survived Ebola spoke publicly about her ordeal for the first time on Wednesday.
Boulder Man Evacuates From Liberia As Ebola Continues To SpreadA Boulder man has just arrived back in the United States after leaving Liberia and he's worried about his wife who remains in the Western African country where ebola is a major concern.
Health Experts Work To Unravel Myths, Fears Of EbolaThere’s been a remarkable recovery for two Ebola patients treated in the United States, one of which graduated from Evergreen High School. They both are out of the hospital after weeks of treatment.
Local Infectious Disease Expert: Many Misconceptions About EbolaAn infectious disease specialist at the University of Colorado Hospital said those protective space suits doctors are wearing among some Ebola-infected patients won't be seen in their hallways.