Sen. Gardner Has Clear Vision Of Summit With North KoreaNext week, Pres. Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Colorado's junior senator is involved in shaping U.S. policy with North Korea.
North Korea Claims Nuclear Test Site Demolished With Series Of ExplosionsNorth Korea said Thursday that it had destroyed its Punggye-ri nuclear test site.
Colorado Lawmakers React To Meeting Cancellation Between POTUS & North KoreaPresident Trump has cancelled the upcoming summit between the United States and the North Koreans in a new letter released on Thursday.
Sen. Gardner Met With Pres. Trump To Discuss North Korea SummitSen. Cory Gardner is the chairman of the East Asian Subcommittee on Capitol Hill and he's celebrating the release and return of three Americans by North Korea.
'Great News': Sen. Gardner Reacts To Release Of Americans From North KoreaSen. Cory Gardner is celebrating the announcement of the release of three Americans detained in North Korea.
South Korean President: 'Trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize'Any way you cut it, President Donald Trump is entitled to significant credit for the historic opening between the two Koreas.
Kim Jong Un Crosses Border To Meet South Korean PresidentNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un walked across the border Friday and met South Korean President Moon Jae-in. It's the first time a member of the Kim dynasty has set foot on southern soil since the end of the Korean War in 1953 and the latest bid to settle the world's last Cold War standoff.
South Korea: Pres. Trump Will Meet With North Korea's Kim Jong UnSouth Korea's national security director says President Donald Trump has decided he will meet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un "by May."
'Strong' Military Action Against North Korea Still An Option, Tillerson Says"Diplomatic efforts are backed by strong military option if necessary," Tillerson said
Trump To North Korea: My Nuclear Button Is 'Much Bigger'President Donald Trump warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about US nuclear capabilities as tensions worsen between the two nations.
North Korea Says Trump Statement 'A Declaration Of War'North Korea's foreign minister said Monday that President Donald Trump's latest remarks are a declaration of war against the country.