Elon Musk: Falcon Heavy Will Be A 'Great Rocket Launch Or The Best Fireworks Display'The Falcon Heavy's massive power comes with big risks.
SpaceX's Hot New Monster Rocket Ready For First Test FlightSpaceX's hot new monster rocket makes its launch debut this week, blasting off from the same pad that hoisted men to the moon a half-century ago.
CU Boulder Ships New Climate Instrument To Florida For November LaunchIt will monitor how much sunlight hits the earth.
NASA Orion Spacecraft Sent To Colorado For Post-Flight TestsNASA's experimental Orion spacecraft has been shipped to Colorado for final decontamination and testing after its successful unmanned test flight in December.
NASA: 'There's Your New Spacecraft, America!'NASA's new Colorado-built Orion spacecraft made a "bull's-eye" Pacific splashdown Friday following a dramatic flight 3,604 miles beyond Earth, opening a new era of human exploration meant to put people on Mars.
NASA Launches New Colorado-Built Orion Spacecraft And New EraNASA's new Colorado-built Orion spacecraft streaked into orbit Friday on a high-stakes test flight meant to usher in a new era of human exploration leading ultimately to Mars.
Despite Scrubbed Launch, Orion Fans Wait For Next AttemptDespite the scrubbed launch of the Orion spacecraft, there are fans of the Orion Project waiting for Friday morning's second attempt.
Excitement Surrounds Orion Despite Scrubbed LaunchDespite the scrubbed launch of the Orion spacecraft, there is a renewed excitement surrounding space travel as was evident during the early morning watch party at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
NASA Launching Colorado's Orion Spacecraft On Test FlightNASA's quest to send astronauts out into the solar system begins this week with a two-laps-around-Earth test flight.
6-Year-Old Visits Kennedy Space Center On 'Mission' To Save NASAA 6-year-old Denver boy spent the day at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday to continue his ‘mission’ of saving NASA and fulfilling his dream of becoming an astronaut.
Juno's Journey To Jupiter Started In ColoradoIt's a journey to Jupiter that started in Colorado. The launch of the Juno spacecraft was picture perfect.