District Attorney George Brauchler Says Governor's Face Mask Order Doesn't Change LawDistrict Attorney George Brauchler told CBS4 that, outside of government buildings, the governor's Executive Order didn't change the law as it existed two days ago.
Weld & El Paso County Deputies Will Not Issue Citations For Mask ViolationsWeld County Sheriff Steve Reams said his deputies will not cite people for violating Colorado's new mask mandate.
Colorado Lawmaker Threatens To Sue Gov. Polis Over Statewide Face Mask MandateColorado Rep. Patrick Neville, a Republican who represents Douglas County, said he plans to sue to the governor over the mask mandate.
Some Call On Governor To Mandate Masks: 'I Struggle With That'Gov. Jared Polis says he’s concerned about COVID-19 numbers creeping back up, but isn’t willing to commit to a statewide mask mandate.
New Law Lets Colorado Workers Earn Paid Sick LeaveWorkers will be able to earn, based on hours worked, up to 48 hours of paid sick time a year.
'We Need A National Strategy': Gov. Polis And Mayor Hancock Call For Federal Guidance On Coronavirus"America is without leadership on this issue," Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said.
Polis Hopeful About COVID-19 Vaccine, Jokes About Burning Masks In 'Huge Bonfire'"We are hopeful that there will be a vaccine or cure and we can all embrace one another and return to our lives and take off all of our masks and burn them in a huge bonfire," Gov. Polis said.
Gay Panic Defense And Trans Panic Defense No Longer Allowed In Colorado CourtroomsUsing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity as an excuse for murder or violence is no longer a valid defense in Colorado courtrooms.
Douglas County Republicans Apologize For Comic Of 'Polis' Using Face Mask To Restrain 'Colorado'Two prominent Douglas County Republicans are speaking out after the county's Republican party posted a comic strip showing a character labeled "Polis" using a face mask and a billy club to to restrict a character labeled "Colorado."
Gov. Polis Disputes Study Claiming Colorado Is No. 2 For COVID-19 RestrictionsResearchers found Colorado was second only to California when it came to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Colorado's governor says the results aren't accurate.
New Law Allows Bars And Restaurants To Continue Delivering And Selling Alcohol To GoGov. Jared Polis signed a new law allowing bars, restaurants and distilleries to continue selling cocktails and alcohol to go. They can also offer delivery service.
'Wear A Damn Mask': Gov. Jared Polis Urges Face Masks To Prevent Spread Of CoronavirusGov. Jared Polis says Colorado is doing much better than many other states in controlling COVID-19, but we’re starting to slip. During a news conference Thursday, Polis says this is the second day with over 400 new cases.
Coronavirus In Colorado: Gov. Polis Extends Disaster Declaration AgainColorado reported more than 400 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, with 173 patients currently hospitalized.
Gov. Jared Polis Creates Colorado Geographic Naming Advisory Board To Evaluate Controversial NamesThe board will evaluate proposals on name changes on controversial places and geographical locations, new names, and make recommendations to the governor regarding those changes.
State Supreme Court Rules Against Gathering Signatures DigitallyThe Colorado State Supreme Court struck down Gov. Jared Polis' executive order which would allow signatures to be gathered digitally for initiatives on the November ballot.