Some Illegal Immigrants In Colorado Fined By ICESome illegal immigrants are receiving notices that they are being fined for failure to leave the U.S. Those who are seeking sanctuary in Colorado are among those being fined.
Denver Among Cities Believed To Be Targeted In Sunday's ICE RaidsImmigrant advocates and sympathizers are warning about arrests around the country as early as Sunday. Denver is among the 10 cities named in the upcoming raids.
New Colorado Law: Inmates Can't Be Held At Request Of ICEA new Colorado law says people suspected of being in the country illegally can't be kept in jail simply at the request of immigration officials.
US Authorities: Marijuana Involvement Imperils CitizenshipImmigration authorities on Friday said that anyone with any involvement with marijuana, regardless of whether it's legal in the state where they live, can be denied citizenship because the drug is still illegal under federal law.
Rep. Jason Crow Wants Congress To Have Access To ICE FacilitiesA Colorado congressman is leading an effort to give lawmakers easier access to ICE facilities.
Aurora ICE Center Included In Mumps Outbreak, QuarantineU.S. immigration authorities say over 2,200 people exposed to a mumps outbreak in at least two detention facilities, including one in Aurora, have been quarantined.
All Detainees At ICE Facility In Aurora To Be VaccinatedImmigration officials have ordered all detainees at the Aurora Detention Facility be vaccinated.
Mumps Confirmed At ICE Facility Amid Capacity IncreaseMumps have been confirmed at the ICE facility in Aurora.
Immigration Paperwork Defect Could Mean Slowed Or Suspended DeportationsA problem in paperwork by immigration agents could lead to a halt in deportation proceedings against hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in Colorado and around the country.
ICE Takes Into Custody Defendant In New Mexico Compound CaseA judge's decision to allow the release of an extended family accused of child abuse at a ramshackle desert compound in New Mexico prompted a political uproar Tuesday by prominent Republican lawmakers.
8 Demonstrators Ordered To Appear In Court After ICE ProtestEight demonstrators have been ordered to appear in court after blocking the entrance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Arapahoe County.