Fireworks May Have Scared Fawn That Was Rescued Struggling In Deep WaterEmergency crews in La Plata County got a pat on the back after saving the life of a young fawn.
Denver-Based Chipotle: No Pork At Some Restaurants After Suspending SupplierChipotle says it stopped serving pork at hundreds of its restaurants after suspending a supplier that violated its standards.
CBI's Top Arson Dog 'Sadie' Retires From DutyA key agent at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is retiring.
Humane Society Abandons Tail Docking ProposalsAnimal rights advocates are ending a campaign to ban the practice of cutting the tails of Colorado dairy cows.
Rescued Chihuahuas Come To Colorado For AdoptionSome cute, small dogs will soon need new homes in Colorado.
Houdini The Dog Makes Great Escape From KennelA dog named Houdini in Colorado Springs lived up to his name after he made a great escape.
Shelters Working To Reunite Pets With OwnersHundreds of pets lost in the flooding are without homes and some of the shelters are filled to capacity.
Nearly 2,000 Koi Pulled From Lake In East BoulderIt's a fish that can brighten a backyard garden, but when koi take over a lake, it can be trouble.
9-Month-Old Attacked By Pit BullA 9-month-old girl is in the hospital after getting bitten by a pit bull.
More Than 60 Rabbits Dumped Along Colorado Springs RoadMore than 60 rabbits were dumped and abandoned along the road in Colorado Springs.
Humane Society Seizes 57 AnimalsThe owner of a Colorado Springs animal rescue business is facing 57 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty after the animals were seized by the Humane Society.