The Shutdown: What Will Colorado Voters Remember a Year from Now?The Federal Government shutdown is making major headlines right now, but how much of this will Colorado voters remember 13 months from now?
Immigration Bill: Who Needs it More?If any success is to come from the latest attempt at immigration reform by Congress, it may come down to how desperate House Republicans and President Obama are to see some positive progress before the 2014 election.
Fiscal Cliff: Watching the Rules of NegotiatingIt may feel that we are watching our elected leaders allow our country to plummet off of the fiscal cliff. But in reality, we are simply watching the art of negotiation.
Colorado Lawmaker Who Battled DUI Accusation To RetireA Western Slope Republican who battled accusations of driving drunk has announced she won't seek re-election.
Tax the Rich: Class Warfare or Math?Taxing the rich will not singlehandedly make a difference to a country spending trillions on Social Security, Defense and Medicare. And ignoring them completely is not going to inspire millionaires to suddenly hire a fleet of unemployed Americans to rebuild our country.
Debt Ceiling Line In The SandWe’ll be marketed to believe that Republicans are gambling with our future by playing political games with our debt, or that Republicans are finally drawing a line in the sand on spending and are the only party brave enough to pull our country from the precipice of financial disaster. Which is the truth? As with all marketing campaigns, it’s somewhere in between.
A Matter of Time, Just Not This TimeThe State House Judiciary Committee very likely sealed the fate of the Civil Unions bill Thursday night, but what was going on behind the scenes. blogger Dominic Dezzutti shares his opinion in a new post.
House GOP Gets One Right, One Wrong