Couple Accused Of Taking Money From Homeless Vet’s GoFundMe Likely To Be Indicted, Lawyer SaysThe attorney said his firm would no longer represent the Mark D’Amico and Katelyn McClure in the lawsuit involving Johnny Bobbitt.
Police Search Home Of Couple Who Raised $400,000 For Homeless Good SamaritanPolice executed a search warrant Thursday morning to comb through the home of the couple who raised $400,000 for a homeless Philadelphia man.
GoFundMe For Homeless Man That Helped Stranded Driver Has Been Drained, Says AttorneyThere's no more money left in a GoFundMe account for a homeless man who used his last $20 to buy gas for a stranded driver in Philadelphia, says the homeless man's attorney. 
Selfless Kindness: Washing The Feet Of The HomelessIt’s a tradition for volunteers at Christ’s Body Ministries who want to give back to those who have so little- the homeless.
Homeless Good Samaritan Suing Couple Who Raised $400K To Help HimJohnny Bobbitt received worldwide praise after he gave a stranded motorist in Philadelphia his last $20 so she could get gas last year.
Homeless Man Hands Out Resumes, Gets Hundreds Of Job OffersA homeless and unemployed web developer in California has been overwhelmed with job offers after a picture of him handing out resumes went viral on social media.
Mayoral Candidate Takes Phone Call From God During Live DebateA Florida man had a "conversation" with God while on stage during a Florida mayoral debate.
Women Build Homes And Hope With HabitatHundreds of women in hardhats are coming together for Colorado. They are swinging hammers and pounding nails helping two Colorado families build their future homes.