Just How Clean Is Your Dog's Mouth?Recent reports of people developing severe and even fatal infections after being licked by a dog have some owners wondering just how clean is their pooch's mouth.
Newborn Digital Footprinting Comes To ColoradoTwo UCHealth hospitals in Northern Colorado have taken a new step in enhancing the safety of newborns. Babies' footprints, once done with ink and paper, are now being digitally scanned.
Scientists Accidentally Create Treatment That May Stop ObesityA failed experiment may have accidentally created a new treatment that could allow humans to eat whatever they want without gaining weight.
Remote Control Mammography System Aims To Make Exams More ComfortableIt's a startling statistic-- one in four women will avoid getting a mammogram because they're afraid of the pain, discomfort and results.
Salmonella Cases Reported At Arapahoe County FairSeven cases of salmonella have been identified among people who attended the Arapahoe County Fair and associated events last month.
CVS Nasal Spray Recalled Due To Microbiological ContaminationA brand of nasal mist is being voluntarily recalled due to a microbiological contamination, which could be life-threatening in some cases.
Study: Men Who Wear Boxers More Fertile Than Men Who Wear BriefsAppearance aside, boxers may be the optimal underwear for men aiming to be fathers.
Man Miraculously Survives 'Universally Fatal' Internal DecapitationAfter extensive neurosurgery and months of therapy, 22-year-old Brock Meister has recovered from being internally decapitated.