Another Wolf Attack In Colorado: 1 Cow Euthanized Afterwards, Another InjuredColorado Parks and Wildlife reported another wolf attack in Colorado.
Colorado Officials Hear Options On Restoring Gray WolvesWhile gray wolves are under pressure from a federal delisting and increased hunting in some Rocky Mountain states, Colorado wildlife officials heard a number of detailed options for implementing a voter-approved reintroduction of the species.
Variety Of Opinions On Gray Wolf Reintroduction Included In Keystone Policy Center ReportThe Keystone Policy Center recently concluded a major study and engagement process over the summer which will play a role in how the plan moves forward.
Reimbursement Available To Hunters Who Kill Wolves In IdahoIdaho officials will make available up to $200,000 to be divided into payments for hunters and trappers who kill wolves in the state through next summer.
Gray Wolf Pack Seems To Have Disappeared In Northwest ColoradoThe pack’s rapid disappearance reveals the extent of Colorado’s challenge as it seeks to become a safe haven for the species.
Colorado Wildlife Officials Discover 6 Pups In Gray Wolf LitterA gray wolf pack in north-central Colorado has grown to include six pups, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
CPW Partners With CSU To Study Wolf Reintroduction Stakeholder Engagement ProcessColorado Parks and Wildlife announced a new partnership with Colorado State University on Thursday.
Colorado Wildlife Officials Will Monitor State's First Gray Wolf Pups Since 1940s From AfarEndangered gray wolf pups have been spotted in Jackson County.
Wolf Pups Spotted In ColoradoFor the first time since the 1940s, wolf pups have been confirmed to be living in Colorado in the wild.
Members Of Colorado Working Group On Wolf Reintroduction ChosenColorado Parks and Wildlife chose the members for the group which will work to reintroduce wolves in the state.
CPW Wants To Hear From You About Gray Wolf Reintroduction In ColoradoColorado Parks and Wildlife will host its third educational session in June, focusing on livestock depredation, compensation for livestock loss and how wolf reintroduction will impact ungulate populations.