The Demise of the Perry CometGovernor Rick Perry’s roller coaster ride in the Presidential race was not unprecedented but certainly serves as a modern lesson that it’s one thing to be an attractive potential candidate and a whole other thing to run a successful campaign.
Huntsman and Santorum Define VP ChasmAs Mitt Romney easily won the New Hampshire primary, as predicted by most polls and pundits, the varied results of Jon Huntsman and Iowa darling Rick Santorum began to form the argument that will define the VP search for Romney.
Of Endorsements and Flavors of the DecadeIf you doubt the entertainment value of the GOP race at this stage of the game, take a quick account of recent activity.
Is Gingrich Pulling a McCain? The comeback also looks more realistic when you also consider that the New Hampshire Union Leader, an influential newspaper in New Hampshire, announced their endorsement of Gingrich this week. While no newspaper endorsement is a guarantee, it was a major coup for Gingrich to score the endorsement in the state where Mitt Romney hopes to make a major statement.
Rick Perry and the Spanish InquisitionIf you missed Perry’s big number flub, in the debate on Wednesday night, he was attempting to list the three government agencies that he would eliminate if elected. He quickly listed the first two and then drew a complete blank on the third, finally remembering it later in the debate.
Cain’s Mess Showing the GOP Must Decide NowHerman Cain may not be ultimately crushed by the sexual harassment allegations, but they are proving to be a distraction that is feeding into the idea that Cain is simply, as former Virginia Rep. Tom Davis put it on Face the Nation, “the flavor of the week and his week is up.”
GOP: The Party of “I Told You So”With President Obama’s announcement on Friday that American troops currently serving in Iraq will be home for the holidays, most high profile Republicans have been left with only one response, that leaving early endangers Iraq and bolsters insurgents.
3 Takeaways from Christie’s Big AnnouncementChristie stayed consistent with his point that indeed, he is not interested in running for President. Even though that had been his position of some time, the announcement still caught some by surprise due to his recent popularity among a lackluster group of candidates.