GRAPHIC PHOTO WARNING: Idaho Fish & Game Official Under Fire For Emailing Photos Of Animals He Killed In AfricaThe trophy hunter killed an entire family of baboons, including a baby who died in its mother's arms, then emailed the photos to co-workers.
Oldest Male Giraffe In North America Dies At Denver ZooThe oldest male giraffe in North America lived at the Denver Zoo until he had to be euthanized. Dikembe was 24 years old.
'We Will All Miss Her Dearly': Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Mourning Death Of Giraffe 'Uzuri'The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announced Friday that they had made the difficult decision to euthanize one of their friendliest and most recognizable giraffes.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Makes Difficult Decision To Euthanize PennyA Colorado Springs zoo says it decided to euthanize its 8-week-old giraffe after veterinarians determined that her dislocated hip, infected leg and other health complications would severely impact her quality of life.
Veterinarians Make Difficult Decision To Euthanize Penny The GiraffeVeterinarians have made the difficult decision to euthanize a giraffe from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that was recently moved to Colorado State University's vet school for surgery.
Penny The Giraffe's Condition Is 'Far More Serious' Than Previously ThoughtThe veterinary team at Colorado State University discovered Penny's condition was "far more serious" than originally thought.
Giraffe Calf Needs Surgery: Colorado State University Vets To Operate On PennyPenny, Colorado's youngest giraffe, is expected to undergo surgery at Colorado State University on Monday.
Penny The Giraffe Undergoes Leg ProcedureColorado's youngest giraffe went through a procedure Wednesday to help fix her injured legs.
Denver Zoo Sees Historic Visitation Numbers For 2017Attendance numbers at the Denver Zoo were through the roof in 2017 - record breaking, in fact.
Denver Zoo Babies Listed On Naughty & Nice ListDenver's favorite baby giraffe appears to have had a troubled year.
Dobby The Giraffe Now Weighs Over 500 PoundsThe 9-month-old giraffe has hit a new milestone!