Baby Goat Beats The Odds After Frostbite Claims Back LegsIzzy was born the smaller of twins during -25 degree weather in January. A nutrition problem created muscle paralysis in his back legs, causing him to lose them to frostbite that first night.
Very Cold Morning For Denver And The PlainsFrigid temps move back into the picture for the second night in a row.
Hundreds Of Homeless Receive Socks Thanks To CU Hospital's Burn CenterThe University of Colorado Hospital's Burn Center handed out socks at Father Woody's Shelter on Monday.
Colorado Reporter Hospitalized With Frostbite After Attempting LiveshotA Colorado Springs reporter was hospitalized after suffering severe frostbite following his attempts to do a late night liveshot by himself in freezing temperatures.
It Doesn't Take Long For Skin To Suffer Bad Damage From FrostbiteA lot of people were out and about in Sunday’s cold weather, and as they prepare for a sub-zero drop on Tuesday, doctors are putting out a warning.
Backcountry Skier, Snowboarder Rescued After Christmas TrekAuthorities are warning backcountry skiers not to venture into remote areas if they are not experienced or prepared.
'They Get Cold Like I Do': Girl, 10, With Rare Condition Adopts Frostbitten KittenA kitten rescued from the cold has found a new home with kindred company.
Rescued Frostbitten Kittens Available For AdoptionTwo kittens rescued from a cold snap in September are available for adoption but will need specialized lifelong care.
Dog That Had Frostbitten Toes Cut Off Needs Help To Walk Without PainA dog that had his toes cut off by his previous owners after suffering from frostbite needs help to walk without pain and find a forever home.
It’s A Real Concern, So Know The Signs Of FrostbiteIn extreme cold temperatures it doesn't take long for exposed skin to feel the effects and area hospitals are reporting cases of frost bite over the last couple days and are expecting more.
Frigid Cold Sends Exercisers IndoorsSubzero temperatures and dangerous wind chill have kept many avid runners and walkers inside this week. The elements are too severe for many exercisers.