Earth Day 2015: How To Plant A TreeSo it's Earth Day and everyone is saying you should plant a tree, but exactly what goes into planting one? It takes more preparation and skill than you might think.
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Six Food Favorites Affected By Climate ChangeThe effects of climate change are far-reaching, affecting not only weather, but more critical parts of human life such as food.
Commuters Try To Keep Warm As Wind Chills Dip Below Zero Ahead Of WarmupCommuters at Denver metro area RTD stops tried to keep warm before the sun came up on Thursday morning as temperatures dipped below zero.
14 Inches Of Snow Falls In Eldorado Springs Near BoulderAt Scott Carpenter Park along 30th Avenue in Boulder, about five inches of snow had fallen by Wednesday evening's rush hour.
Animal Control Officers Visit Pets In Danger During Bitter ColdAnimal control officers in Denver are busy checking on the welfare of animals left outside during frigid temperatures.
1st Spacecraft Lands On Comet With Equipment Developed In BoulderAn historic moment in space history is expected to happen on Wednesday: the first spacecraft to make a soft landing on a comet. The equipment on board was developed in Boulder to help understand the origin of the solar system.
Arctic Storm Has Colorado Shoveling TumbleweedsAn arctic storm system has some Coloradans shoveling out from under tumbleweeds rather than snow.
Mountain Lions Descend On Neighborhoods As Cooler Weather Moves InTwo mountain lions have been spotted in residential areas over the past two days and wildlife officials say it's something that may happen more as the temperatures continue to drop.