'Huge Loss': Firestone Honors Victims Of House ExplosionTuesday marks a year since a deadly home explosion in Firestone claimed the lives of two men.
Site Of Deadly Explosion Could Be New Neighborhood ParkThe site of a deadly home explosion in Firestone could soon become a neighborhood park.
Timeline Of Fatal Gas Explosion At House In FirestoneA sudden violent and fatal house explosion in Firestone in April 2017 prompted statewide action related to gas wells by oil and gas officials and Colorado lawmakers including Gov. John Hickenlooper.
Detecting Gas Leaks At Home After Deadly ExplosionNew details have revealed what caused a home to explode in Firestone, killing two and leaving another critically injured.
Family Reacts To Deadly Home Explosion InvestigationThe families of the victims in the home explosion in Firestone say the investigation into last month's blast reflects what they believed all along-- that it was not caused by the men working in the home at the time.
Neighbors Scared, Want To Move After Oil & Gas Activity Linked To Deadly Home ExplosionAs fire officials released for the first time on Tuesday the findings of their investigation into what caused a deadly explosion in Firestone last month, Fran Hoylman rushed home from work.
'Fugitive Gas' Leaked From Pipeline Caused Deadly House ExplosionFirefighters discussed their investigation into a fatal house explosion near a gas well in Colorado on Tuesday afternoon.
Students Hold Fundraiser For Teacher Who Survived House ExplosionHundreds of students at Mountain Range High School came together after school Friday to raise money for Erin Martinez, a physics and chemistry teacher who survived a deadly explosion at her Firestone home last week.
Petroleum Company Shuts Down Thousands Of Wells After Fatal House ExplosionAnadarko Petroleum Corporation is shutting down wells after a fatal house explosion in Firestone.
Coroner Identifies 2 Killed In Home ExplosionThe Weld County Coroner's Office officially confirmed the names of those killed when home exploded in Firestone on Monday afternoon.
Community Gathers To Remember Victims In Home ExplosionA community gathered to remember two men killed when a home exploded in Firestone on Monday afternoon, along with a beloved teacher who was badly burned.