Coronavirus Leads To Tough Decision For Colorado Couple Trying To Have BabyThe suspension of elective medical procedures due to coronavirus is leading to some tough decisions for would-be parents in Colorado who are trying to have a baby.
Erie & Aurora Police Investigate Reports Of Police ImpersonatorsThe Erie Police Department is investigating reports of a police impersonator pulling over a driver Friday morning. A
Erie Officials Release New Information In $1 Million Bridge ScamInvestigators are learning more about a suspect who scammed the town of Erie out of more than $1 million.
Erie Administrator Felt 'Violated' After Town Was Targeted In $1M ScamPolice and insurance providers are investigating whether or not the Town of Erie will be reimbursed more than $1 million, after an employee mistakenly rerouted the money to a scammer.
After Cancer-Prevention Surgeries, Women Learn BRCA Gene Test May Have Been WrongSeven women in one family, including a Colorado woman, had major surgery after a widely used genetic test showed a high cancer risk. But years later, the family has learned the results of that BRCA test might have been wrong.
Town Of Erie Misdirects $1 Million For Bridge Contractor To Fraudulent AccountThe town of Erie recently fell victim to financial fraud after sending more than $1 million to a fake account.
Lamborghini's Christmas Surprise For Erie Family That 3-D Printed Luxury CarIt's a Christmas surprise that came a little early. An Erie family woke up to find an exotic car parked in their garage earlier this month.
Elders' Elves Share Holiday Cheer, Decorate Erie Couple's HomeAn Erie family was given a helping hand by the Elders' Elves from Synergy HomeCare.
Cyclists Peddling Erie Velodrome To Last-Minute InvestorsThe Boulder Valley Velodrome is one of only 20 tracks of its kind in the United States, according to some who frequent it. But the property owners have reached an agreement with a potential buyer who may flatten the track for development.
Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary In Erie Celebrates Thanksgiving With Rescued TurkeysInstead of eating turkey on Thanksgiving, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Erie celebrated the holiday alongside rescued turkeys.
'Get Them Out Of Here': Erie Residents Fed Up With Neighborhood CoyotesWith an increasing number of pets becoming food for coyotes in the town of Erie, community members from the area met with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Friday night.