DPD Investigating Interim Denver Sheriff Following Suspect ReleaseThe Denver Police Department is investigating interim Denver Sheriff Elias Diggins following accusations he set free a man who was in custody on an active misdemeanor assault warrant. This just days after Diggins apologized for what he called "inappropriate" comments made during a telephone call he didn’t know was being recorded.
2 Men Accused Of Jury Tampering Plead Not GuiltyTwo men charged with jury tampering pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday morning.
It's One Court Against Another Over Jury Nullification Protests In DenverA federal judge will decide if the City of Denver should be held in contempt of court for interfering with protesters handing out pamphlets in front of the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse.
Federal Court Hears Challenge To Jury NullificationAn attorney for two people who want to hand out pamphlets telling potential jurors they have a right to ignore laws they believe are wrong asked a federal judge on Friday to stop authorities from arresting people who hand out fliers telling people of their rights.
Men Arrested For Jury Tampering Argue They Have A Right To Do SoActivists have filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the threat of arrest for handing flyers to courthouse passersby is unconstitutional.
Another Man Charged For Alleged Jury Tampering In DenverAnother man is now accused of jury tampering for allegedly handing out literature on jury nullification as potential jurors entered the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver.
Westminster Man With Sign Aimed At Police Sues Over ArrestA Westminster man says he was arrested in retaliation for speaking about police abuses during a city council meeting.
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