'We Figured The Plane Crashed': Coloradan Counts Blessings After United Flight 328 Engine Explodes OverheadWhile most debris was insulation from United Airlines flight 328, some large pieces like an engine cowling smashed into property, crushing portions of vehicles and homes.
Broomfield Homeowner Was Making Sandwich When Plane Debris Dropped Through Roof, Pierced Kitchen CeilingA Broomfield man was making his daughters a sandwich when debris from a United Airlines plane dropped from the sky and smashed through his roof.
Passengers On United Flight 328 Describe Moments After Engine Blew ApartPassengers who were aboard United Airlines Flight 328 described the terrifying moments after an engine blew up. 
Plane Debris Destroys Broomfield Truck, Comes Narrowly Close To HomeownerA Broomfield man's truck is destroyed after a piece of a plane fell from the sky and landed on it.
United Airlines Flight 328 Passenger: Plane 'Was Shuddering' After ExplosionMike Vena was traveling to Hawaii for a getaway when the unthinkable happened. The engine on his plane apparently failed.
Airline Pilots Practice Frequently For Engine Failure Events Like One That May Have Happened In DenverAviation safety experts said United Airlines Flight 328 appeared to have suffered an uncontained and catastrophic engine failure.
Plane Debris Falls From Sky & Onto Broomfield NeighborhoodsBroomfield police responded to the area near 136th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard on Saturday after pieces from an aircraft fell from the sky.
Husband Of Southwest Airlines Victim: 'I Have No Idea How I Can Do This Without Her'Family and friends gathered Sunday to mourn an Albuquerque bank executive who died after the Southwest Airlines plane she was on blew an engine in midair.
Southwest Airlines Passengers Delayed At DIASouthwest Airlines passengers flying out of Denver International Airport may be facing some delays or cancellations as the airline continues inspections in the aftermath of last week's engine explosion.
Southwest Flight 1380: 22 Minutes Of TerrorFor 22 minutes, the 144 passengers and five crew members wondered if they were facing the end.
Southwest Pilot Praised For Her 'Nerves Of Steel' During Emergency LandingTammie Jo Shults' name has not been officially released by Southwest, but her alma mater and the passengers have identified her as the pilot.
1 Killed After Engine Failure Forces Southwest Airlines Flight To Make Emergency LandingA Southwest Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport after an engine blew out.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Hay FieldA pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in a hay field in Erie Wednesday morning.
Flight Diverted To DIA Due To Drunk Passenger, No Charges Filed A flight heading from one coast to the other made an emergency landing in Denver Tuesday night due to an intoxicated passenger.
United Says No Problem Found After Emergency LandingUnited Airlines says no mechanical or technical problems were found after a plane bound from Denver to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Grand Junction on Wednesday.