Fort Collins Police Look Into Role Of Edible Pot In Teen's Window JumpFort Collins police are investigating whether edible marijuana played a role in a teenager's decision to jump out of a third-story window.
Denver Police Warn Parents About Marijuana Candy Disguised As Halloween TreatsPot-infused products are prompting police to warn parents about the danger of mixing up marijuana with traditional Halloween treats.
New At The Pot Shop: Milder Marijuana For NovicesRecreational marijuana sellers are reaching out to novice cannabis users with a raft of edible products that impart a milder buzz and make it easy for inexperienced customers to find a dose they won't regret taking.
Colorado Tightening Edible Pot RulesAlarmed by booming sales of highly potent edible marijuana products, Colorado regulators have drafted an emergency rule making it easier for new users to tell how much pot they're eating.
Colorado's Pot Regulators Mull Testing EdiblesColorado marijuana regulators looking to tighten the rules for edible marijuana products are pondering scaled testing regimes for strong edibles and weaker ones.
Doctors Have Warning For Pot-Using ParentsDoctors have a new warning for parents who use marijuana, specifically those who partake in marijuana edibles.
Edible Pot Rating System Not Sitting Well With Ski AreasA possible edible marijuana rating system isn’t going over too well with Colorado’s ski resorts.
State Lawmakers Take Bite Out Of Edible Pot ConfusionThere is a call to stop all sales of edible pot products until the confusion over potency is settled.