FBI Missed Rigged Jackpot In 2006 Before Lottery Scheme GrewInvestigators were suspicious in 2006 when they heard that a rural Texas judge was trying to exchange $450,000 in consecutively marked bills.
Mastermind Of Lottery Fraud Will Tell How He Rigged JackpotsA lottery computer programmer will tell investigators how he was able to use his position to rig state jackpots for years and he and his brother will repay $3 million in prizes they improperly claimed, under a plea agreement released Monday.
Ex-Lottery Official Received Severance Amid Jackpot ScandalA prominent lottery official who was stripped of power after a subordinate allegedly carried out a prolonged jackpot-rigging scheme received a $284,000 severance payment, a recent tax filing shows.
Trials For Brothers Charged In Lottery Scandal DelayedTrials for brothers charged with ongoing criminal conduct in Iowa for allegedly fixing lottery games, including in Colorado, to collect jackpots have been delayed.
Lawsuit Filed By Lottery Players Claiming Games Were RiggedA civil lawsuit has been filed in Iowa asking that lottery players be reimbursed for participating for games that turned out to be rigged.
Jackpot Rigging Scandal Grows In Scope As Trials NearA prosecutor says two brothers accused of conspiring to fix lottery games in five states had rigged another drawing for which they claimed a jackpot and planted software on additional computers that would have enabled them to fix more games if they hadn't been caught.
Court Reverses Part Of Lottery Fraud Conviction With Colorado ConnectionThe Iowa Court of Appeals on Wednesday reversed a portion of the fraud convictions of a former lottery official accused of fixing a Hot Lotto game in Iowa in 2010 but upheld a second conviction.
2nd Suspect Arrested In Multi-State Lottery ScamA second suspect has been arrested in a lottery scam that includes Colorado and four other states. Tommy Tipton and his brother, Eddie, have been accused of rigging six lottery jackpots to try to win more than $19 million.
In Colorado And Other States, Lottery Winners Can Keep Names SecretEven a jackpot isn't enough to buy anonymity for many lottery winners, whose names are often made public by state law. But now it's becoming increasingly possible for big winners to hide their identity.
Man Convicted Of Rigging Iowa Lottery May Have Struck In ColoradoThe Colorado Lottery is investigating whether its lottery was rigged by a man convicted of rigging the Iowa Lottery.
Colorado Jackpot Added to National Lotto Fraud InvestigationLottery officials in Iowa say jackpots won in Colorado and Wisconsin are now part of a national lottery fraud investigation.