Science Says Record Heat, Fires Worsened By Climate ChangeHeat waves are setting all-time temperature records across the globe, again.
Drought Forces Emergency Measures For West's Wild HorsesHarsh drought conditions in parts of the American West are pushing wild horses to the brink and spurring extreme measures to protect them.
South Platte River Off-Limits This Weekend Due To Low Water LevelsDrought and low water levels are putting the South Platte River off limits to recreation this weekend.
Surveys Show Lesser-Prairie Chicken Numbers Are UpA grouse that has been the focus of an ongoing legal battle over whether it warrants federal protection has seen its numbers increase by nearly 30 percent over the past year.
Arizona Restarts Talks On Drought Plan For Colorado RiverArizona is renewing a focus on a drought contingency plan for the shrinking supply of Colorado River water, and other Western states are paying close attention.
Whitewater River In Colorado A Bright Spot Amid Grim DroughtDespite a severe drought across the Southwestern United States this spring, there should be plenty of water for rafters and anglers in one of the nation's most popular mountain rivers.
Rafting Season Varies Across Colorado This YearPhones are ringing off the hook at Clear Creek Rafting as the whitewater rafting season begins in Colorado.
Colorado's Rep On Colorado River Issues: Arizona 'Gaming The System'Arizona's largest water provider tried Tuesday to defuse a multi-state dispute over the Colorado River, saying it regretted the belligerent-sounding words it used to describe its management strategy for the critical, over-used waterway.