Public Invited To Fossil Lab To See Part Of Highlands Ranch DinoVolunteers with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science were hard at work in the lab, cleaning a cheekbone fossil from the Highlands Ranch Triceratops.
Dino Dig In Highlands Ranch Has Uncovered All The Fossils At The SiteThe big dig in Highlands Ranch that uncovered more dinosaur fossils earlier this month after the initial discovery in May, is over.
More Dinosaur Fossils Found At Big Dig In Highlands RanchThe big dig in Highlands Ranch keeps uncovering more dinosaur fossils. Construction crews found bones at the site in May and this week, found more!
It's A Triceratops! Dino Bones Found In Highlands Ranch Belong To 'Pretty Big Triceratops'Paleontologists with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science confirmed that the fossils discovered at a Highlands Ranch construction site are the bones of a large triceratops.
Highlands Ranch Fossil Site Just One Project For Dino Diggers This SummerWhile the dig continues for dinosaur fossils, it’s just one of several projects the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is working on during “digging season” in neighboring states.
More Dino Bones! Fossil Dig Reveals Prehistoric TreasureMore fossils were found at the dinosaur dig site in Highlands Ranch.
The Dino Dig That Just Keeps On Giving! Paleontologists Find More BonesThe dinosaur discovery in Highlands Ranch keeps getting bigger! On Wednesday, paleontologists and volunteers found six more bones.
WATCH: Dinosaur Fossils Found In Highlands Ranch Being Moved to MuseumThe fossils found in Highlands Ranch are being moved to Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Museum Crews & Volunteers Make Headway On Highlands Ranch DinoDig crews spent a sunny holiday weekend learning more about the bones found at a construction site in Highlands Ranch.
Check Out The Fossil Dig As Crews Unearth Dinosaur BonesDinosaur fossils were discovered last week at a construction site near Wind Crest at Santa Fe Drive and C-470 and crews are unearthing more bones.
Dinosaur Limb Bone, Ribs Found At Highlands Ranch Construction SiteThe Denver Museum of Nature and Science confirm the fossils CBS4 first reported on on Saturday are that of a dinosaur.