The Dino Dig That Just Keeps On Giving! Paleontologists Find More BonesThe dinosaur discovery in Highlands Ranch keeps getting bigger! On Wednesday, paleontologists and volunteers found six more bones.
WATCH: Dinosaur Fossils Found In Highlands Ranch Being Moved to MuseumThe fossils found in Highlands Ranch are being moved to Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Museum Crews & Volunteers Make Headway On Highlands Ranch DinoDig crews spent a sunny holiday weekend learning more about the bones found at a construction site in Highlands Ranch.
Check Out The Fossil Dig As Crews Unearth Dinosaur BonesDinosaur fossils were discovered last week at a construction site near Wind Crest at Santa Fe Drive and C-470 and crews are unearthing more bones.
Dinosaur Limb Bone, Ribs Found At Highlands Ranch Construction SiteThe Denver Museum of Nature and Science confirm the fossils CBS4 first reported on on Saturday are that of a dinosaur.
Paleontologists Called To Construction Site In Highlands RanchPaleontologists with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are checking out an interesting find in Highlands Ranch.
'Superpower Dogs' Movie Playing At Denver Museum Of Nature & Science Features Animals Helping HumansThe director of the documentary film “Superpower Dogs” is visiting Denver for a question and answer session during a screening of the film at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
DMNS Makes A Bigger Effort To Be Environmentally FriendlyThe Denver Museum of Nature and Science is working to be more sustainable.
Día Del Niño Celebrates Children At Museum Of Nature And ScienceThe Denver Museum of Nature and Science is treating children to a special day next Sunday.
'Our Senses: Creating Your Reality': See The World Differently At New ExhibitA new exhibit tied to our senses is now open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
See Full-Sized Model Of NASA's InSight Lander In DenverNASA commissioned the model for a travelling exhibit and the museum is its first stop.