Another Psychiatrist Says Holmes Sane During Theater AttackAnother state-appointed psychiatrist testified Monday that Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was mentally ill at the time of the deadly attack but still knew it was wrong.
Another Psychiatrist Takes Stand In Theater Shooting TrialAnother state-appointed psychiatrist who determined that Aurora theater shooter James Holmes was sane at the time of the attack was testifying Monday at the death penalty trial.
Mental Health Will Take Focus In Theater Shooting TrialProsecutors in the Aurora theater shooting are steadily moving toward the heart of their case: the testimony of two court-appointed doctors expected to say James Holmes was sane when he opened fire on a packed midnight showing of a Batman movie.
Theater Shooting Trial Jurors Unswayed By Boston Bomber VerdictLawyers for James Holmes are concerned the death penalty sentence delivered in the Boston marathon bombing case could impact the Aurora theater shooting trial.
Theater Shooter Asked Police If Children Were HurtA video played for jurors in the trial of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes includes a dazed-sounding Holmes asking detectives "There weren't any children hurt, were there?"
The Effect Of The Aurora Theater Trial On Our CommunityEven though we are only a few days in, it is clear that the Aurora Theater Trial is going to affect the Colorado community in deep and profound ways that we are just beginning to understand.
Theater Shooting Trial: Day 1 Surprise & What's NextOpening statements ended Monday evening in the trial of the man who opened fire inside the movie theater in Aurora. Both sides focused the jury on the key point of whether James Holmes was sane when he killed 12 people and injured 70 others.
Trial Tries To Look Inside Theater Shooter's Unstable MindTwo versions of the unstable mind of James Holmes were presented to a jury as lawyers revealed many more details about his conversion from a promising grad student to a gunman capable of opening fire on hundreds of unsuspecting moviegoers.
Defense: 20 Doctors Agree James Holmes Has SchizophreniaA prosecutor declared Monday that two psychiatric exams found Colorado theater gunman James Holmes to be sane as he meticulously plotted a mass murder, considering a bomb or biological warfare before settling on a shooting.
Holmes' Attorney Says His Client Now Regrets The RampageJames Holmes' defense attorney, Daniel King, says his client "now regrets what took place in the theater."
Defender Opens Trial Saying Holmes Was Insane During AttackA public defender says James Holmes was insane when he opened fire in a crowded Colorado movie theater in 2012.
Prosecutor Says Holmes Mulled Biological WarfareA prosecutor says James Holmes considered other locations and methods for his attack, including biological warfare, before deciding on a mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater.
Judge Addresses Jury In Aurora Theater Trial Before Opening StatementsA judge has started addressing jurors in the Colorado theater shooting trial.
Aurora Theater Shooter Seems Calm, Is Tethered To FloorAurora theater shooter James Holmes appeared with close-cropped hair and a calm demeanor as lawyers made their final motions before Monday's opening of the trial.
Cost Of Defending Theater Shooting Suspect Kept Under WrapsAs the Aurora theater shooting case moves closer to trial, taxpayer-funded attorneys for defendant James Holmes have revealed little about their case, including how much it has cost to defend him.