CSU Student Take A Break From Swimming To Battle DepressionOne of Colorado State University’s most talented athletes is sharing her story of battling depression.
Colorado Researchers Studying CBD Oil In DogsCannabinoid has helped children with seizures, now researchers want to know if it can do the same in dogs with epilepsy.
Teens' Experience Shows Campus Reality For Native AmericansIn the Gray brothers' case, the encounter highlighted the complicated cultural circumstances Native Americans often must navigate in mainstream settings. That includes universities where they are likely to encounter students, professors and parents unaware of tribal value systems and how they differ from their own.
Dorm Leftovers Collected To Help Those In Need, Support EnvironmentTo support environmental sustainability, while helping those in need, CSU launched a new campaign to recycle goods thrown out by freshmen in the dorms.
GoFundMe Launched For Native American Students Who Were Questioned During TourA woman has developed a GoFundMe page for two Native American young men who were questioned by police at Colorado State University during a campus tour.
CSU Police Body Cam Video Released, 911 Call: 'Hands In Pockets' Caused ConcernThe concerned parent who called police during a tour of the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins, called not once, but twice on the Native American young men who she called suspicious.
CSU Offers VIP Campus Tour To Native Americans Who Were QuestionedOfficials at Colorado State University are in damage control mode after two Native American brothers had "unwelcoming and concerning experience" on a campus tour.
Police Called To Investigate Native Americans On CSU TourThe two prospective students were questioned by campus police after a parent on the tour reported she was nervous about their presence.