Sow, Yearlings Euthanized After Durango Woman Found Dead From Apparent Bear AttackA 39-year-old Durango woman died after apparently being attacked by a black bear. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say the attack happened sometime Friday night.
Anglers Can Win Up To $10,000 In Prizes At Blue Mesa Reservoir Trout TournamentAnglers have a chance to win up to $10,000 while also reducing the number of predatory lake trout in western Colorado.
Crowd Of Onlookers Force Wildlife Officials To Sedate And Remove Bear From Tree In Colorado SpringsWildlife officials in Colorado Springs released a young bear back into the wild on Thursday after it ended up in a tree along a busy street in east downtown.
It's Time To Be 'Bear Aware,' Colorado Parks And Wildlife WarnsIt is time for Coloradans to shift back into “bear aware” mode now that the animals are emerging from their winter hibernation in search of food.
WATCH: British Woman Gets Video Of Mountain Lion Right Outside Home In BoulderA British woman visiting her mother in the Boulder foothills had an amazingly close encounter with a Colorado predator. A mountain lion spent more than two minutes right outside the glass door -- giving her an incredible view from inside the home.
Awake And Hungry: Trail Cam Captures Family Of Bears In Roxborough State ParkA wildlife camera captured video of a family of black bears on the move in Roxborough State Park on Saturday.
Security Camera Captures Black Bear As It Wanders Through Douglas County NeighborhoodAfter a long snooze, bears are starting to wake up from their winter slumber. In northwest Douglas County, a bear recently triggered a security camera as it wandered around the neighborhood. 
CPW's Message To Paddleboarders: Please Wear Your Personal Flotation DevicesPaddleboarding is becoming very popular, and officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife want to remind paddlers to wear personal flotation devices for safety.
Officers Removed Trash Can Lid From Colorado Elk's NeckColorado wildlife officers came to the aid of an elk with a trash can lid around its neck.
'Warm Temps = Perfect Basking' An Equation For Rattlesnakes On Colorado TrailsAs our temperatures warm up, more animals are joining humans in enjoying the Coloradoo's Great Outdoors. That includes rattlesnakes.
Wildlife Officials Stock 4 Million Walleye Fry At Cherry Creek State ParkColorado Parks and Wildlife recently stocked walleye fish at Cherry Creek Park. Wildlife officials are adding more than 4 million walleye fry to the reservoir.
Trio Of Deer Found Shot With Blow Darts In WalsenburgColorado Parks and Wildlife is investigating after three deer in Walsenburg were shot with blow darts.
Federal Judge: U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Illegally Paid For Colorado Predator HuntThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service illegally helped pay for a Colorado program to kill dozens of mountain lions and black bears in an experiment to determine if the predators were partly responsible for declining mule deer populations, a federal judge has ruled.
Colorado Springs Firefighters Give Flightless Great Horned Owlets A Lift To SafetyUsually when Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls firefighters, they need help getting a bear out of a tree. This week officers needed help getting a pair of great horned owlets back into a tree.
You Can Contribute Funds To Help Colorado Parks And Wildlife K-9 ProgramA black lab is part of a pilot program for Colorado Parks and Wildlife that relies mostly on public donations.