Bear Euthanized After Attacking Man Inside Aspen HomeA black bear entered an Aspen home through the front door early Friday and severely injured the homeowner.
CPW Searching For Bear That Charged, Scratched Woman In Manitou SpringsCody Wigner, CPW wildlife manager, said the woman was very lucky she wasn’t more seriously injured.
Man Shoots Bear That Was Chasing His Dog Near NederlandThe male bear weighed 260 pounds and CPW says its behavior was unusual.
Lost Lake Area Closing Indefinitely Due To Active BearA bear has been active around Lost Lake since 2017 -- entering unoccupied tents, taking unsecured food and showing little fear of humans.
Bear Rescued From East Canyon Fire Will Make Full RecoveryA bear that was rescued from the East Canyon Fire with burns to its paws will make a full recovery, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
Mother Doe Found With Trash Can Lid Around Its Neck In Estes ParkColorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people to secure their garbage after a doe was found with a trash can lid around its neck.
Summer Snow Can't Stop CPW's Trout Spawning OperationIt was snowing and just 34 degrees at Zimmerman Lake on Wednesday, but CPW officers hit the water anyway.
Colorado Sees Big Spike In Demand For Annual Fishing LicensesAccording to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, more than 208,000 Coloradans purchased an annual fishing license for 2020. That's almost 70,000 more than in 2019!
Video: Orphaned Bear Cubs Emerge From Artificial Den After HibernatingCPW shared a time-lapse video of the healthy young bears hanging out around the den after emerging from hibernation.
Colorado Pronghorn Fawn Doing Well After Car Hits MotherAn orphaned pronghorn is recovering well at the Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehab Center.
Bear Tranquilized & Relocated From Fort Collins NeighborhoodColorado Parks and Wildlife relocated a young bear found in Fort Collins.
Moose And Elk Attacks Reported In Larimer, Jefferson Counties"Because elk, deer, moose and other wild animals are currently rearing their newborn offspring, it increases the possibility of a serious wildlife encounter," CPW officials warned.
Elk Spotted With Tire Around Its NeckBe extra cautious what you leave outside -- an elk ended up with a tire stuck around its neck.
Pronghorn Doe Hit By Car Gives Birth To Healthy FawnA pronghorn doe hit by a car in Colorado Springs gave birth to a fawn that survived -- thanks, in part, to a couple that witnessed the incident.
Bear Euthanized After Entering Home While Resident Cooks FoodIt's the video of a 150-pound male black bear making himself at home in a human's home Sunday morning in northwest Colorado Springs. And in this case, it's the animal's final moments.