Bears Take A Dip To Beat The Heat At Roxborough State ParkBear cubs and what appears to be their mother tried to cool off in a pond at Roxborough State Park in Douglas County.
'NOT Your Toilet': Man Caught Dumping Human Waste In Stream In Clear Creek CountyA man was caught dumping bags of human waste from his camp latrine in a high mountain stream. Wildlife officers made sure he cleaned up the mess.
Over The Limit: Man Busted Catching Too Many Fish At Colorado State ParkColorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding everyone there is a daily bag limit on trout. Charges were filed against a man who had three times the legal limit.
VIDEO: Colorado Bear Cubs Learning The Art Of Climbing TreesNew video from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife features two Colorado bear cubs taking their shots at climbing a tree as their mother sniffed the scent post.
Optional Vehicle Registration Fee Earns Residents A ‘Keep Colorado Wild Pass’Monday Gov. Jared Polis signed the Keep Colorado Wild Annual Pass bill. It gives car owners a reduced-price annual state parks pass when they register their vehicles. 
Fledgling Kestrels Found Near Power Plant Sent To Raptor Center In PuebloTwo fledgling American kestrels are getting a fresh start -- after being rescued in Colorado Springs.
PHOTOS: Newborn Fawn Found Waiting With Horses For Mom To ReturnThree horses on a ranch in Colorado seemed to stand by as the newborn fawn waited for its mother to return.
Colorado Wildlife Officials Will Monitor State's First Gray Wolf Pups Since 1940s From AfarEndangered gray wolf pups have been spotted in Jackson County.
VIDEO: 6 Cameras Capture Colorado Black Bear's First Dash To FreedomWildlife officers relocated a bear out of the Frasier Meadows area of Boulder in early June -- and recorded its first dash to freedom with six different cameras.
Wolf Pups Spotted In ColoradoFor the first time since the 1940s, wolf pups have been confirmed to be living in Colorado in the wild.
VIDEO: Lone Tree Issues Warning About Bear SightingsOfficials in Lone Tree issued a warning about bears in the area. 
Colorado Parks And Wildlife Urges Everyone To 'Leave Wildlife Alone'Every spring, new animals are born in Colorado and humans want to help those who appear in need.
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officers Busy With Bear ActivityColorado Parks and Wildfire have been busy lately with multiple bear sightings and a relocation or two.
Members Of Colorado Working Group On Wolf Reintroduction ChosenColorado Parks and Wildlife chose the members for the group which will work to reintroduce wolves in the state.
'Red Foxes Are Not Always Red': Black Fox Pup Caught Raiding Chicken CoopColorado Parks and Wildlife caught two red fox pups raiding chicken coops in Cañon City -- but one of them wasn't red.