Extreme Colorado Avalanches From March Still Under ReviewResearchers continue to study a series of destructive avalanches in Colorado last winter.
Nicholas Kassera Dies In Lakewood Crash Between Truck & Geo MetroLakewood police say the driver of a Ford F-350 died after colliding with a Geo Metro early Sunday morning.
Mother Sharletta Evans 'Adopts' Man Who Killed Her SonA mother whose toddler son was accidentally murdered years ago during a gang shooting is working to get the killer out of prison. In fact, she has gone way beyond that, accepting him as "her own son."
Ballots Delivered On Election Day Create Tension Over Election ResultsThe Colorado Secretary of State is fuming at the United State Postal Service after it was discovered Friday morning that 828 ballots were delivered on the Tuesday afternoon of Election Day.
DACA Supporters Rally Outside Denver's City & County BuildingDozens rallied in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program and Dreamers.
Armored Truck Driver Loses Her Job After Being Held Up At GunpointSabrina Gimeno was working as a guard for an armored truck making a delivery to a bank in Greenwood Village when three men carrying guns ambushed her.
Kelsey Berreth Murder: Krystal Lee Father Testifies In Patrick Frazee TrialA day after hearing from Krystal Lee, who testified that Patrick Frazee murdered Kelsey Berreth, Lee's father took the stand.
Missing Replacement Ballots May Play Role In Aurora Mayor's Race ResultsPeople living in Aurora still don't know who will be their next mayor. Even though Tuesday was Election Day, there is still some confusion with the ballots.
'Homer' Finds A Home: 5,000th Dog From Oklahoma Shelter Adopted In Colorado"Homer" is the 5,000th dog from the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter in Oklahoma to be adopted here in Colorado.
Deer Set Free After Getting Tangled In Baseball NettingColorado Parks and Wildlife is warning Colorado residents about leaving up sports netting, holiday decorations and hammocks after a deer got caught up in some netting.
Denver Adoption Day: 23 Children Go Home With Forever FamiliesNearly two dozen children had their adoptions finalized Friday -- and get to go home with their forever families just in time for the holidays!
Man Who Died In Breckenridge Wednesday Night Identified As Brendan RyeOne man is dead and another was taken to the hospital following a shooting overnight in Breckenridge.
What's In Your CBD? Study Finds Many Product Labels Are InaccurateFor now, what’s in your CBD, is mostly a matter of trust and hope.
'Triple Negative' Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Words Of WarningA Colorado mother did everything she was supposed to, from getting routine mammograms to eating right. But it was an extra measure that helped Victoria Martin find out she had breast cancer, and ultimately it saved her life.
Distillery Delivers Spirits In A More Sustainable Way To The Kitchen Restaurant GroupRestaurants and distillers are partnering to lower their footprint on the environment with a more sustainable way to deliver and use vodka bottles using a method that celebrates the tradition of local dairy farms.