Firefighters Discover A Body In Colorado Springs While Putting Out A FireA call to a structure fire in Colorado Springs turned into a murder investigation.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Commends Aurora Public Schools On Free Meal ProgramU.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited a school in Aurora to recognize a huge achievement on Monday. Aurora Public Schools has served more than 7 million free meals to local children and adults over the past year.
COVID In Colorado: Douglas County Commissioners Propose Resolution Defying Indoor Face Mask MandateDouglas County commissioners are planning to vote on a proposed resolution that would defy the state indoor face mask mandate.
$20,000 Worth Of Catalytic Converters Stolen From Colorado Nonprofit That Helps People Recovering From AddictionThieves targeting catalytic converters stole more than $20,000 worth of motor pieces from a nonprofit that helps recovering addicts improve their lives.
What Is The 'Love Has Won' Cult, Whose Founder Amy Carlson May Have Been Mummified By Followers After Her Death?A promise of awakening, peace, love and unity. That's what former followers of the cult Love Has Won say lured them into the orbit of Amy Carlson, who called herself Mother God.
Colorado State Trooper Hit On I-70: 'This Has To Stop'Colorado State Patrol is pleading with drivers to slow down and obey the "Move Over" law.
Foul Ball With Foul Results; Colorado Boy Receives 500 Stitches After Collision With Outfield FenceThere are exactly 108 stitches on a baseball. Christopher Valerio has that beat. Easily.
Denver Fire Removes Hundreds Of Pounds Of Propane From Homeless Encampments, Worries About Large-Scale DisasterThe Denver Fire Department is sounding an alarm over a growing number of propane explosions at homeless encampments.
Proposed Colorado Bill Aims To Protect Owners Of Towed VehiclesA bill making its way through the Colorado House aims to protect the rights of car owners who’ve been towed.
COVID In Colorado: Denver Health Doctor Eager For New Pfizer Vaccine AuthorizationIf the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices approves, this age group could begin receiving the vaccine by the end of the week.
Voters May Be Asked To Lower The Gas Tax After Colorado Lawmakers Propose A Gas Fee Opponents of a $5.3 billion transportation funding bill are taking their fight to the ballot. The bill includes $1.5 billion in general fund and stimulus dollars and $3.8 billion in new fees.