State Senators Debate Construction Defects BillState senators will debate a construction defects bill on Wednesday that has already passed the state House.
Construction Defects Bill Passes House, Expected To Pass SenateThere's been a breakthrough on changing the law on construction defects in Colorado.
Colorado House Lawmakers: Deal On Bill To Spur CondosColorado House lawmakers said Wednesday they've reached a bipartisan deal to help address the state's pent-up demand for more housing, particularly multifamily condominium developments.
Colorado Public Records Mediation Gets Senate Panel's OKColoradans whose requests for public records are denied may soon be able to seek a mediator's help.
Colorado Senate To Debate Electronic Records BillColorado's Senate is set to debate Tuesday a bill directing government agencies to deliver requested public records in electronic formats that can be read by computer.
Colorado Public Records Mediation Bill Advances To HouseColoradans whose requests for public records are denied have just one option: Go to court.
Colorado Placing Curbs On Homegrown PotThe nation's most generous grow-your-own pot laws are closer to being curbed in Colorado, where the state House advanced a pair of bills Monday aimed at cracking down on people who grow weed outside the commercial, taxed system.
Colorado Lawmakers Make New Push For Construction Litigation ReformsDevelopers say state laws have made it too easy for condo owners to file lawsuits, which has driven builders out of the state. Some lawmakers are trying to change that.
Colorado House Defeats Local Control Fracking BillColorado's Democrat-led House has defeated a bill to reassert local government control over the siting of oil and gas drilling.