Rep. Joe Neguse Leads Congressional Climate Crisis Hearing In BoulderCongressman Joe Neguse will lead a congressional committee hearing in Colorado to discuss the climate crisis.
May's Extreme, Persistent Weather Linked To Changing Jet Stream PatternMany have raised the question about why the weather did what it did for so many days in row with little to no change during the month of May.
Joe Biden's $5 Trillion Climate Plan Targets Net-Zero Emissions By 2050Joe Biden unveiled a plan Tuesday that would spend $1.7 trillion to set the United States on track to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
2020 Hopeful Bennet Proposes $1 Trillion Climate Change FundDemocratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet's timetable of net-zero emissions no later than 2050 is longer than some activists have called for, but he said it was realistic and in line with what scientists say is needed.
Bill Nye: 'The Planet Is On ******* Fire'Bill Nye wants to remind you of the seriousness of global warming and he's not mincing words.
Hickenlooper Defends His Disapproval Of Green New Deal, Touts Record On Climate ChangeHickenlooper, who has faced questions over his oil and gas record, said he would drink fracking fluid again "if that is what it takes."
Hickenlooper: 'The Green New Deal Sets Us Up For Failure'Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper became the first 2020 Democratic candidate to oppose the resolution.
'Adults Procrastinated On Lives': Teen Pushes To Help Stop Climate ChangeHaven Coleman joined two other teen girls in creating the US Youth Climate Strike organization and is set on making waves of her own.
Wondering How Can It Be So Cold If There's Global Warming?To understand why, you have to first know the difference between weather and climate.
Climate Advocacy Group Touring Campuses, Sharing New FilmA Colorado advocacy group is hoping to bring out more votes through snowboarding.
Possible New Car Fee In Boulder Would Go Toward Climate Change FightCity councilors in Boulder say drivers could be paying more in car fees in order for the city to combat climate change.