Open Wide: Hippos At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Enjoy 'Spa Treatment'The hippos at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo got a special spa treatment this week.
'Life Ended Too Soon': Endangered Amur Tiger Dies After Artificial Insemination Procedure At Cheyenne Mountain ZooOfficials with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo announced that an endangered Amur tiger died after an artificial insemination procedure.
Cofan The Mountain Tapir Recovering After Kidney Surgery At Cheyenne Mountain ZooA mountain tapir at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is recovering after after having one of his kidneys removed.
Zookeepers Say Baby Giraffe Has 'Brave And Goofy' PersonalityThe baby giraffe born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo last week is doing well and zookeepers say they're starting to see her "brave and goofy" personality develop.
Baby Giraffe Born At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Monday Morning Is A Girl!A giraffe was born around 11:30 a.m. Monday at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Tearing Down Monkey PavilionThe facility has been around since 1942 and the zoo says there are more modern ways to house the animals.
New Bundle Of Joy: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Welcomes Moose CalfA moose calf made the long trek from Alaska to his new home at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Wednesday morning.
Mountain Lion Cub Found On Logging Road Makes Cheyenne Mountain Zoo His New HomeThe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is taking care of a mountain lion cub found in the wild in Washington. The little guy was found on a logging road outside of Spokane.
A Pair Of 3,000 Pound Hippos Make The Trip Home To Colorado SpringsTwo sisters have finally returned home to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Ambezi and Kasai, a pair of Nile hippos, returned Friday after spending three and a half years 'vacationing' at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: 'Risky' Procedure On Giraffe Went Well"He is awake and standing, although he's still a little unsteady after the anesthesia and as he gets used to his new footwear," zoo officials said.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Nails Mattresses To Walls To Protect Giraffe That Needs 'Risky' Procedure"These cushions on the walls protect him from accidentally tripping into the hard surface while he’s coming into or out of anesthesia," officials stated on Facebook.