Cheyenne Mountain Zoo To Reopen After Damaging Hail StormA devastating hail storm struck Southern Colorado on Monday, causing extensive damage to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, sending guests to the hospital and ultimately resulting in the deaths of five animals.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Reopens Saturday, 5 Days After Hail StormThe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs will reopen on Saturday, five days after a hail storm that killed animals and injured people.
2 More Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Animals Die From Hail StormThe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo remains closed until further notice after suffering severe damage from a hail storm on Monday.
Zoo Closed After Devastating Hail Storm That Killed 2 AnimalsThe Cheyenne Mountain Zoo began cleaning up and assessing damage after Monday afternoon's devastating hail storm that left more than a dozen people injured and killed two animals.
Baseball-Sized Hail Injures Zoo Visitors, Kills 2 Zoo AnimalsA powerful storm pummeled the Cheyenne Mountain zoo with large hail which injured 14 people and killed at least three animals. 
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Makes Difficult Decision To Euthanize PennyA Colorado Springs zoo says it decided to euthanize its 8-week-old giraffe after veterinarians determined that her dislocated hip, infected leg and other health complications would severely impact her quality of life.
Veterinarians Make Difficult Decision To Euthanize Penny The GiraffeVeterinarians have made the difficult decision to euthanize a giraffe from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that was recently moved to Colorado State University's vet school for surgery.
Penny The Giraffe's Condition Is 'Far More Serious' Than Previously ThoughtThe veterinary team at Colorado State University discovered Penny's condition was "far more serious" than originally thought.