Security Consultant Says Westminster Westin Hotel Created 'Toxic Risk,' Leading To Car TheftsA veteran hotel security consultant concluded a Westminster hotel created a "toxic environment of unreasonable risk," leading to the theft of 10 cars belonging to guests in 2019.
With Cold Temperatures, Drivers In Denver Urged To Avoid Car Theft Due To 'Puffing'Denver police is warning residents about the dangers of leaving their cars running in the cold, leaving them vulnerable to theft.
Victim Dragged To Death Trying To Stop Car ThiefA man was dragged to his death while trying to stop a car thief from stealing his car.
GOOD NEWS: Police Find Puppy That Was Inside Stolen CarThe dachshund puppy that was inside a car when it was stolen has been found safe -- and police have arrested two people.
Police: Thieves Steal Car With Puppy InsideArvada police say someone stole a vehicle with the owner's dog still inside. Investigators are looking for a black Ford Fusion with a Dachsund puppy inside.
Citizen Prevents Police Chief From Being Shot By Colorado RunawayAn armed citizen is being credited with keeping the Salina City Police's chief from being shot in the back.
Denver Police Urge Gun Owners To Better Secure FirearmsDenver police want people to take better care of their belongings, especially firearms stored in vehicles.
23 Vehicles Stolen From Hotels Near Airport In One MonthCar thieves are targeting hotel parking lots around the airport.
Owner 'Bear-Maced' During Hummer HeistMichael Chelala wanted to sell his lifted Hummer, so he put an ad on Craigslist. He was contacted by a man who said he was interested.
'Kilo Car' Covered With Fake Heroin And Fentanyl As Warning To DriversThe "Kilo Car" is covered in fake drugs to highlight the real problem of stolen vehicles leading to other serious crimes. 
Stolen Car Sends Already-Struggling Colorado Family Into A TailspinA family of eight has found themselves in need of a car and a home after both were taken out from under their feet.