Elector Gets The Boot After Defying Colorado Law, Could Face ChargesThere was plenty of drama at the Colorado state Capitol on Monday during the Electoral College vote.
Elector Replaced After Refusing To Vote For ClintonThere was some drama at the state Capitol on Monday afternoon when one elector had to be replaced after refusing to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
State Capitol Protest As Electors Meet To VoteAbout 100 shivering protesters have gathered on the steps of Colorado's Capitol building in Denver on Monday morning.
Protesters Gather In Last-Ditch Effort To Prevent Trump From Taking OfficeProtesters stood in the cold outside the state Capitol Sunday night in a last ditch effort to convince electors to take steps to prevent Donald Trump from taking the Presidency.
Colorado Electors Make Final Appeal To Be Free AgentsTwo Colorado electors are asking the state supreme court to let them vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton on Monday.
2016 Year In Review: Oh What An Election!Campaign 2016 was unlike any other seen in American history. A businessman took on a Washington insider, both disliked by much of the electorate at large.
2 Colorado Electors Try To Overturn Voting RequirementTwo Colorado electors filed a lawsuit Tuesday to overturn a state law requiring electors to cast their ballots for the presidential candidate who won their state.
Wisconsin First State To Start Presidential Election RecountThe first candidate-driven statewide recount of a presidential election in 16 years began Thursday in Wisconsin, a state that Donald Trump won by less than a percentage point over Hillary Clinton after polls long predicted a Clinton victory.
Clinton Moves To Join Wisconsin Recount LawsuitHillary Clinton filed motions with a Wisconsin judge on Tuesday looking to join Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's lawsuit demanding the state recount its ballots by hand.
Green Party Presidential Candidate To Sue For Hand RecountGreen Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said Monday she will ask a judge to force a hand recount of nearly 3 million ballots cast in Wisconsin after the state Elections Commission rejected her call to do that.
Trump Assails Recount Push, Claims Millions Voted IllegallyPresident-elect Donald Trump claimed without evidence Sunday that "millions" voted illegally in the national election, scoffing at Hillary Clinton's nearly 2 million edge in the popular vote and returning to his campaign mantra of a rigged race even as he prepares to enter the White House in less than two months.