Public Comment Scheduled For Proposal To Ban Assault WeaponsThe City of Boulder will be considering a ban on assault weapons.
No Bump Stocks Turned In To Denver Police After BanNo bump stocks have been turned over to Denver authorities after the city banned the accessories used in last year's mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds.
Trump Says Some Lawmakers Are Too Afraid Of NRA To Change Gun LawsPresident Trump rejected both his party's incremental approach and its strategy that has stalled action on gun legislation.
5 Things Congress Could Do About Gun ViolencePresident Donald Trump has suggested he's open to new gun control laws, and started a discussion about what lawmakers can do to address mass shootings.
Trump Pushes Arming Teachers To Prevent Gun ViolenceIn a series of tweets Thursday, President Trump reiterated his suggestion that some teachers be armed, calling it a "great deterrent."
Trump Moves To Ban 'Bump Stocks' President Trump said on Tuesday he has directed his attorney general to propose changes that would ban so-called bump stocks.
Police Urge Gun Owners To Turn In Bump Stocks After BanPolice in Denver are asking gun owners to turn over bump stocks after the city council voted to ban the devices.
State Lawmakers Consider Bump Stocks BanState lawmakers are debating whether to make bump stocks illegal in Colorado.
Denver City Council To Consider Bump Stocks BanAn ordinance banning bump stock firing mechanisms will go before the full Denver City Council on Tuesday.
Proposed Bump Stock Ban Passes City CommitteeAn ordinance banning bump stock firing mechanisms passed Denver's SAFEHOUSE committee Wednesday and will now go before the full Denver City Council.
City Of Denver Advances Proposed Bump Stock BanThe city of Denver is one step closer to banning bump stocks, an attachment that allows a semiautomatic rifle to fire more rounds faster.