FAA Reportedly Concerned About Plane Engine Model Before Explosion Over BroomfieldThe FAA had a meeting, just days before the explosion, to talk about requiring more frequent inspections for those specific engines, according to CNN.
Broomfield Businesses Welcome More Customers Under Level BlueBroomfield is the first Denver metro area county to move to Level Blue on the state’s COVID-19 dial. 
FAA Orders Inspections Of Planes With Same Engine That Exploded Mid-Air Over BroomfieldThe Federal Aviation Administration issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive on Tuesday night after the engine of a United Airlines flight exploded over Broomfield on Saturday.
Small Pieces Of United Airlines Flight 328 Becoming Collector's Items In BroomfieldBroomfield police say the NTSB is focused on recognizable debris from the plane. Pieces the size of a computer monitor or larger still should be handed over to investigators.
COVID In Broomfield: County First In Denver Metro Area To Move To 'Level Blue'Broomfield County is now the first one in the Denver metro area to meet requirements to be moved to Level Blue: Cautious on the COVID-19 dial.
'Objects Falling From The Sky Are Covered': Insurance Expert Weighs In On Damage From United Airlines Flight 328On Elmwood Street in Broomfield, the shock of Saturday is wearing off and airplane debris is mostly gone, but for Kirby Klements, the damage remains.
Follow The Checklist: Colorado Pilot Trainers Explain How To React To Situations Like United Flight 328What were the ingredients in the success of the pilots of United Airlines Flight 328? Instructors at Western Air say they must have followed a checklist of what to do in a crisis.
'Metal Fatigue' A Factor In United Airlines Flight 328 Engine FailureIn a virtual news update on Monday night, the National Transportation Safety Board says they believe metal fatigue played a role in the engine explosion on United Airlines Flight 328.
Pilots Called 'Heroes' For Actions After United Airlines Engine ExplosionThe Airline Pilots Association said the captain who was in charge Saturday has been with United since 1990 and had 20,000 hours as a captain. The first officer joined the airline in 1999, according to ALPA, and had 11,000 hours in the 777.
Exclusive: New Photos Of United Plane Show Hole Torn In FuselageNew photos obtained exclusively by CBS4 of the United Airlines 777 involved in Saturday's engine explosion show a sizeable hole was torn in the airplane's fuselage.
FAA Records: United Flight 328 Plane Was Nearly 26 Years OldRecords from the Federal Aviation Administration show the plane involved in the United Airlines Flight 328 - in which an engine failed, plane parts fell from the sky, and an emergency landing was required - was manufactured in 1995, and was originally approved to fly in September 1995.
'Saw The Black Smoke': Flight Instructor Describes United 777 Engine Bursting Into Flames From The AirWhile some witnessed United Airlines flight 328's engine explode from the ground, one pilot CBS4 talked with saw it as she was about to land at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.
FAA, United Airlines To Remove Some Boeing 777's From Service Under Emergency DirectiveThe administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, Steve Dickson, says a directive will remove some aircraft from service.
Aviation Expert Cautions Against Jumping To Conclusions About United Airlines Flight 328United Airlines flight 328 suffered some kind of problem on Saturday as it left Denver for Honolulu.
LISTEN: Broomfield Releases 911 Calls After Plane Engine Explodes Over NeighborhoodsBroomfield Police released a three minute-long audio clip of 911 calls after United Airlines Flight 328 suffered an engine malfunction and debris fell onto the neighborhoods below.