'Astonishing Abuse Of Power': Polis Denounces Trump's National Emergency DeclarationElected officials in Colorado were quick to respond to the emergency declaration.
'Heaven Has A Wall, Hell Has Open Borders': Grocery Store Ad Stirs Political DebateA grocery store advertisement in Arkansas that claims "Heaven has a wall" is now at the center of a political firestorm.
Baker Takes Back Apology For 'Build The Wall' Valentine's Day Cookies, Gets Orders From Across CountryA baker in Washington state who created the "Build the Wall" Valentine's Day cookie is not only taking back his initial apology, he's selling them by the dozen.
'Not Medieval': Trump Responds To Bennet's Rant About Border WallPresident Donald Trump seemed to be making reference to some fiery comments by Colorado's Democratic Senator Michael Bennet.
Gardner Said He'd 'Vote For Both Options' To Open The Government"I will vote for both options to fund the remaining parts of the government and fund border security,” Gardner stated. 
Veteran Behind 'Fund The Wall' GoFundMe Announces New Organization“We Build the Wall ” has assembled a board of directors led by Brian Kolfage and engaged a team of advisors that includes former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo.
'We Can Do This': GoFundMe To Build Border Wall Raises $16M In A WeekA triple amputee Air Force veteran and motivational speaker is asking the 63 million Americans who voted for President Donald Trump to chip in $80 apiece for a border wall.
Border Wall Rally: Colorado Mom Speaks About Daughter Killed By Undocumented ImmigrantA Colorado mother spoke about her daughter, who was killed by an undocumented immigrant, at a rally in San Diego Friday. 
Trump: 'I Am Proud To Shut Down The Government For Border Security'An Oval Office meeting between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi spiraled out of control over funding for the border wall Tuesday, devolving into what Schumer called a Trump "temper tantrum." 
Jailed Lawmaker Says Inmates Want To Help Trump Build Border WallFormer Arkansas state Senator Jon Woods and 79 other inmates at a Texas federal prison are offering to help build President Donald Trump’s promised border wall.
Month-Long Caravan Carrying Migrants Rolls To U.S.-Mexico BorderPacked into five old school buses, hundreds of Central American migrants arrived at the U.S. border Sunday for a rally, to be followed by a planned mass attempt to apply for asylum in a direct challenge to the Trump administration.