Barry Morphew Will Stand Trial For Murder Of Wife SuzanneThe judge presiding over Barry Morphew’s preliminary hearing said there is probable cause for first-degree murder and the case will go to trial.
Suzanne Morphew Murder: Judge Decides To Move Forward With Trial, Barry Morphew Pleads Not GuiltyThe judge presiding over Barry Morphew's preliminary hearing says there is enough evidence to go to trial. The judge ruled that he does find probable cause for first-degree murder and tampering with a body in the murder of Barry's wife Suzanne.
Judge In Morphew Preliminary Hearing To Decide On Whether To Go To TrialIt's been a total of four days of Barry Morphew's preliminary hearing, and his defense team told the judge they did not believe prosecutors proved the "proof was evident" nor the "presumption great."
Barry Morphew Hearing: Prosecution Continues To Present Evidence In Suzanne Morphew Murder CaseProsecutors are expected to finish presenting evidence against Barry Morphew in the preliminary hearing on Tuesday afternoon. Morphew is accused of killing his wife Suzanne.
Morphew Hearing: More Details Shared About Alleged Tranquilizer Dart In Suzanne Morphew DisappearanceThe preliminary hearing for Barry Morphew continued Monday with testimony from multiple investigators.
Barry Morphew Hearing: Testimony Continues To Focus On Tranquilizer DartThe preliminary hearing for Barry Morphew, who is accused of killing his wife, Suzanne, continued in Chaffee County on Monday. This is the third day of the hearing that began earlier this month.
Prosecutors Outline Barry And Suzanne Morphew's Movements On Days Around Her DisappearanceIn day two of Barry Morphew's preliminary hearing, prosecutors outlined his movements, and his wife's actions, in the days surrounding her disappearance.
Testimony: Spy Pen Helped Uncover Suzanne Morphew's Apparent Love AffairDuring a preliminary hearing for the murder case against Barry Morphew, an FBI agent testified saying a spy pen unveiled Suzanne Morphew's apparent love affair.
Barry Morphew Hearing: Tranquilizer Dart Cap Found In Family's DryerOn day two of a preliminary hearing for Barry Morphew, who is accused of killing his wife, Suzanne, a former FBI agent revealed they found a tranquilizer dart cap in the dryer in the family's home.
Barry Morphew In Court: Investigator Says Suzanne Morphew Was Having Affair When She DisappearedBarry Morphew, who is accused of murder in the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, is in court on Monday -- and we are learning more about why investigators believe he is guilty.
Judge Rules To Keep Barry Morphew's 130 Page Arrest Affidavit Sealed Until At Least SeptemberDistrict Court Judge Patrick W. Murphy ruled on Friday to keep Barry Morphew's 130 page arrest affidavit sealed until at least September.