Colorado Weather History: 34 Years Ago Today Maybell Hit -61 DegreesColorado was in the middle of a blast from the infamous Polar Vortex.
Denver Weather: Polar Vortex Missed Colorado, But Arctic Air Could Invade Next WeekAlong with the anticipated cold there could be a series of storm systems that move across the lower 48 United States.
Polar Vortex To Invade Midwest, Wind Chills May Exceed 50 Below ZeroEastern Colorado will sit on the extreme western edge of this air mass and will turn sharply colder starting Monday.
First Arctic Blast Of 2017 To Hit Colorado Next WeekIf you're looking for motivation to take down outside Christmas decorations then this could be it.
Aches And Pains Of Weather Change: Not All In Your HeadA weather change is just around the corner. Can you feel it? Two in three people can, and they know well before the weather even hits.
Snow & Coldest Air In Nearly 2 Years Heading Toward DenverA blast of arctic chill is on the way to Colorado behind a strong cold front.
Get Ready Colorado, Blast Of Arctic Cold & Snow Possible Next WeekComputer forecast models show a strong storm moving into the northern Rockies by Monday.
We Are Still The Wild West: TEDx Invigorates DenverDenver should be a place where people come to make it big – to become a businessman, an activist, a leader.
People From Across U.S. Want Kitten Rescued From Sub-Zero Temps In DenverA kitten that was rescued in Denver last week in below-zero temperatures will have to gain some more weight before she is put up for adoption.
Denver's 77 Degree Temp Swing Rare, Even For The RockiesA rare early season arctic blast left its mark in the Denver history books.
Kitten Rescued From Near Death, HypothermiaA kitten was saved from near death after being found outside in a Denver family's yard Thursday morning when temperatures reached well below zero overnight.