Colorado Respiratory Doctor Offers Advice To Curb Symptoms From Bad AirWhen the smoke from California’s wildfires rolled into Colorado on Saturday, the air quality dropped and stayed that way most of the day Sunday.
IQAir Ranked Denver As Most Polluted Major City On Earth Saturday AfternoonA large area of wildfire smoke from the Dixie Fire in California was to blame for the poor air quality across the west.
Poor Air In Denver Could Cause 'More Chronic Heart & Lung Conditions' In Healthy PeopleDespite a thick haze over the Boulder Valley, the Ironman 70.3 went on as scheduled.
Bad Air Forces Broncos To Move Practice From Empower Field To IndoorsThe effects of the lingering smoke haze are still being felt.
Denver Weather: Another Day With Bad Air And No Improvement In SightColorado's Front Range is currently on track to again exceed the average number of Air Quality Alerts issued each summer.
Ozone & Smoke Could Cause Colorado To Miss Another Air Quality Standard DeadlineMuch of the central and northern Front Range of Colorado will likely miss yet another deadline for meeting EPA air quality standards for ozone on Tuesday.
Denver Weather: Heat, Storms And A Little Less SmokeA stubborn ridge of high pressure that was locked over the southwest last week has finally shifted east into the Rocky Mountain region.
Wildfire Smoke Prompts Health Advisory For A Large Portion Of ColoradoWildfire smoke will be prevalent in Colorado through at least Tuesday morning. The worse of the smoke could occur during the Home Run Derby.
Colorado Weather: Heat And Haze Holds Before Friday FrontExtreme heat is again building up higher ground ozone levels across Colorado's Front Range, bringing in another Air Quality Alert for Thursday.
Colorado Sky Could Be Hazy Tuesday With Smoke From Two Arizona WildfiresThose who are extra sensitive to smoky air may have some allergy problems over the next few days.
Did You Know Metro Denver Has An Indoor Wood Burning Restriction Today?Smoke from wood burning fireplaces is a big source of air quality problems during the winter in the Denver metro area.