Colorado Senate Committee Passes 'Red Flag Bill'The State Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee passed the so-called Red Flag Bill.
Lawmakers Debate Oil & Gas Bill Following Attempt To Stall LegislationThe Colorado State Senate is poised to pass a major overhaul of oil and gas regulations in Colorado. 
State Lawmakers Pass Bill To Allow Kids To Operate Temporary Business Without LicenseState lawmakers passed a bill that is designed to help young entrepreneurs. The bill allows them to operate a temporary business, like a lemonade stand, without a license.
'Red Flag Bill' Gets Preliminary Approval, Moves ForwardThe Colorado House of Representatives passed the so-called Red Flag Bill which would allow a court to take guns away from someone who might hurt themselves or others.
Bill At State Legislature Would Cut Premiums Paid To Hospitals & DoctorsSome state lawmakers want to limit how much doctors and hospitals are reimbursed on the individual market.
Lawmakers Working To Extend Statute Of Limitations For Sexual Abuse ReportersA 78-year-old Denver man who survived sexual abuse as a child is now fighting for a law cracking down on people who know about abuse, but don't report it. 
Lawmakers Debate Bill To Allow Teens To Get Therapy Without Parental ConsentA state lawmaker shared the story of her own son's attempted suicide as she urged her colleagues to pass a bill aimed at preventing kids from taking their own lives.
Equal Pay, Equal Work Bill Drawing Debate About Whether It Will Help WomenA Highlands Ranch woman is fighting to pass an equal pay for equal work bill after she says she was paid less than the men she supervised. 
Lawmakers Hear Bill That Aims To Keep Plastic Straws Out Of OceanA proposed bill could change the way Coloradans experience their dining-out experience when it comes to drinking with straws.
Maternal Mortality Bill Passes Committee After Tearful TestimonyIn an age of so many technological advances, moms are still dying during childbirth.
Bill To Give Kids More Entrepreneurial Freedom Passes First CommitteeKid entrepreneurs in Colorado won't have to jump through all of the hoops grown-ups do to get a business off the ground.