Swallow Hill Music
71 E Yale Ave
Denver, CO 80210

Swallow Hill Music is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving acoustic and folk music through concerts and music lessons for all ages. It has served Colorado’s Front Range for almost 40 years. It is the second largest acoustic music school in the country and produces more than 250 concerts each year to a total audience of almost 100,000 people.

One of Swallow Hill’s outreach programs involves providing music education to young students in the Denver metro area, who attend schools which do not offer adequate music programs due to budget cuts.

Swallow Hill Music On CBS4

In November 2018, CBS4 This Morning began featuring in the newscasts the music of five different bands who regularly perform at Swallow Hill Music. Many of the band members also are music instructors as well.

Here are bios of some of those bands:


Swallow Hill Connection: Guitarist Casey Hrdlicka is a longtime Swallow Hill Music Instructor

About: Since their inception in 2011, ATOMGA has continued to be a unique staple in the Colorado music circuit. For the past seven years, ATOMGA has evolved their sound to be a unique brand of afrobeat infused with elements of rock, jazz, hip hop as well as classical. Using this foundation, they are able to build poly-rhythms which always gets their audience moving!

ATOMGA’s latest release, “AGA”, shows the band’s evolving sound of high energy music. ATOMGA has a reputation for live performances which provide a fun filled dance party for all ages and all walks of life.

Website: atomga.com

That Damn Sasquatch

That Damn Sasquatch is a Denver based band with multi musical interests and instrumentation. While blending the genres of Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Zydeco, and Rock, the band’s mixture of versatile originals and eclectic covers ensure every show is an amazing and unique performance.

Swallow Hill Connections: Multi-instrumentalist Spencer Crawford, who specializes in vocals, banjo, accordion, fiddle and more, is a Swallow Hill Instructor. Mandolin player Max Paley has worked at Swallow Hill in the past.

Website: damnsasquatch.com

Matt Skellenger Group

Electric bassist Matt Skellenger is a Swallow Hill instructor who teaches music lovers of all ages. He has always been an exception to the rules. By combining forward thinking creativity, progressive techniques and natural musicality, Skellenger displays a uniquely identifiable sound.

Born and raised in Denver, Matt has been composing, performing, and recording in the Front Range for 23 years. The versatility of Matt’s playing can be heard on music ranging from solo bass, jazz sextet and modern rock power trio to folk, Americana, funk, blues and pop groups. In 2003, Matt released his first solo bass album On My Way Home.

Website: mattskellenger.com

Strange Americans

Swallow Hill connections: Michael John McKee: Outreach Coordinator, Percussion Instructor, Trent Nelson: Guitar and Ensemble Instructor

It’s the kind of music that the Carhartt-wearing, hard-working, industrial beer-drinking, regular Americans would listen to — the ones who could end up on an episode of TV’s Dirty Jobs. It’s a little raw, a bit loud, unapologetic and honest. It’s Americana rock and roll and it’s something that Denver’s Strange Americans are crafting with both brawn and finesse, like a hot rod mechanic bringing back an old barn find.

In a sense, Strange Americans are rescuing something from the rust pile — straight-forward, no frills rock and roll, and a matching aesthetic that is heavy on songwriting and storytelling, but presented with reverb-drenched punch and passion — the way The Band or Crazy Horse would have done it.

Website: strangeamericansmusic.com

Martin Gilmore

Martin Gilmore is a singer-songwriter, music educator, producer, guitarist, writer and artist from Denver.

Martin is a Swallow Hill Music Instructor. He teaches Bluegrass Ensemble, Guitar, Songwriting, and more. He is also the host and producer of Swallow Hill’s Front Row Podcast.

Martin Gilmore isn’t afraid to explore genres. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, he brings a lot of music to life. Throughout his sound, there a common thread of American music — folk, bluegrass, country, swing and jazz. In 2017, he joined faculty at the University of Northern Colorado teaching bluegrass guitar.

Website: martingilmore.com | EPK