Each year, thousands of commuters, from across the region, register for Bike to Work Day. This year the one-day event is expected to attract more than 35,000 participants on Wednesday, June 26, making it the second largest event of its kind in the country. You can register here.

Breakfast stations will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and offer riders free refreshments, giveaways and camaraderie on their way to work. Bike party stations for the ride home have grown more popular and are throughout the region. For a comprehensive listing of all Bike to Work Day stations, use this map.

Don’t forget that you can register your ride to and from work through midnight on June 26, 2019. Registration helps us to tell a story. The more Bike to Work Day registration we have, the more the interest in biking commuting grows, building more support to inform decisions that improve and add to the region’s bike facilities and infrastructure.

Register, ride and celebrate with thousands of bike-commuters on Bike to Work Day.

Way to Go

Did you know that a projected 4 million residents will call the Denver metro area home by 2040? And that the time commuters will spend in traffic will soar from 66 to 104 hours a year? Now is the time to choose a way to transform your commute into a healthier, stress-free and more enjoyable part of your day.

Way to Go is a one-stop resource for many of the region’s smart commuting options, offering a simple solution for those who have never tried a new way to get to and from school, work or the big game. Through programs such as Bike to Work Day or the trip-planning website, Way to Go encourages walking, biking, bus, rail, carpooling and vanpooling commute options rather than driving alone.

Carpool | Sci-Fi Audiobook or Backseat Nap?

The average carpooler in the Way to Go carpool program saves 3,662 vehicle miles per year or more than 15 miles per workday. Plus, carpoolers have reduced stress and can do something more enjoyable with their time while someone else handles the wheel. Way to Go helps to find a carpool match for residents throughout metro Denver —try it out.

Meet Way to Go commuter Mei Ling, who gave up the driver’s seat for some extra ZZZs.

Bike Commute | Zen Time or Outdoor Connection?

Try biking to work, and you’ll save time if you live within five miles of your workplace; if your commute is too far to bike the entire way, bring your bike on any rail or bus to complete your trip. Learn how. Don’t forget to try out Bike to Work Day this year. In 2018, more than 35,000 people participated in Bike to Work Day.

Meet Way to Go bike commuter Angelena, who swapped rush hour for an hour with Mother Nature.

Rail & Bus | Social Scrolls or Morning Checklist?

If you’re looking to get some time back in your day, swap the driver’s seat for a passenger seat on the rail or bus with the Regional Transportation District (RTD). With 9,077 bus stops and 53 rail stops throughout the Denver metro region, there is a route just for you. Plan your route, and let someone else handle the driving.

Meet Way to Go rail commuter Tay, who rides the rail to do his part to help alleviate congestion on the roads.

Way to Go Vanpool | Chill Time or Vanpool Karaoke?

Travel 15 miles or more to work? Vanpooling could be your solution to a happier commute. The Way to Go Vanpool program handles all the hassles of maintenance and repairs, insurance, fuel and bike racks and provides access to the Guaranteed Ride Home® program. Way to Go operates more than 100 vanpools, helping 541 vanpool commuters save a total of 22,238 vehicle miles traveled each workday.

Schoolpool | Casual Cardio or Kids’ Playdate?

With more and more choice schools and enrollment options, there is a growing need for alternative school-commuting solutions when the traditional yellow bus is not available. Or perhaps you are a parent who’s tired of navigating the congested pickup and drop-off lane? Check out Schoolpool to start or join a walking group or carpool for free, and join the nearly 19,000 students and more than 150 schools in the Denver metro region who contribute to cleaner air and less traffic congestion.

Employers Lead the Commute

Employers play a key role in mitigating traffic congestion. Way to Go works with employers to customize solutions and hosts programs such as the Go-Tober Challenge, an annual competition among employers that encourages employees to try different ways of commuting during October. Tell your employer, and your company might be the next Go-Tober champion.