• Hail & Rain Spans Across Colorado

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  1. Mohamed says:

    Just like traditional soohcl this concept works for some students but not all. I would speculate that it works for less students that traditional soohcling. I would also imagine that this would be very teacher dependant, and teachers lacking the skills needed to implement such an open program would struggle or their kids would struggle.

  2. Josefa says:

    Hi Brad-Thanks for speaking to our Fast Track group last night. I think the AHA mmneot in your presentation was when you spoke about how you can’t let the fact that people aren’t laughing (when you think you’re being funny) get you down. Basically, you taught us, you just have to learn to lie to yourself, am I right? I can do that. Do it all the time. But seriously, thanks for sharing your experience and giving us the permission to lighten up on ourselves and in our speaking engagements. Great stuff.Sheryl Kay

  3. Ummaima says:

    The problem is they are not reeluatgd like mortgage companies and auto lenders. Short term notes can legally carry rates upwards of 2000% (yes 2000) APR. That is pretty much what you are paying at those cash advance places when you do the math. They exist because there is a need

  4. Jeferson says:

    Pickup every Monday and Thursday during cmtlhniue at Mountain Shadows Park, all year around. Warm up at noon, games start 12:15, usually play until 1:15-1:30. Mountain Shadows Park is located next to Chipeta Elementary School on Flying W Ranch Rd. 1/2 mile west of 30th street. Just up from Verizon building at end of Garden of the Gods.

  5. Carlis says:

    Ryan Sanger – This is a great shot for so many reasons. The agvntiee space in the sky is perfect for the title, you’ve got the 2 people in the lower center to drawn in the point of view, and the people on the sides act as if they were somewhat of a decipating/declining/falling action of some sort. The logo on the side of the building pops, and the front side of the building fades nicely into the foreground.August 7, 2010 10:21 am

  6. Zaenal says:

    Brett Stamm – Are all of these spots in Denver? LOL I’ve lived here for like 6 years now and I think I haven’t seen half of these spots. Nice work, now tell me where I can find these places hahaAugust 27, 2010 8:14 am

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