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  1. Mark James says:

    Sitting in a Memphis sports bar surrounded by Tebow girls in their orange jerseys, I was treated to three boring quarters of football, and a fourth quarter that had to be seen to be believed. After an unimpressive 45 minutes, Tim’s arm went to work; the defense stepped it up; the Bears coughed it up, and amid the bawdy roar of the bar I found myself wondering if I was watching a team of destiny. Wondering if I was watching a superstar quarterback on the rise, seeing him climb into the top of the pro ranks with each and every game, with each and every throw. Tim Tebow defines the word TENACITY;– he has a type of courage that few people have. But he combines that with a charisma, humility, charm and talent which has his team mates enamoured. Football players love toughness in other football players… because football is an incredibly painful sport. So in seeing their quarterback run over people, they have found a John Wayne calibre quarterback– a fearless leader if you will. One could not have watched this game as a Broncos fan and not have been impressed with Tebow’s growth under pressure; he’s getting better right before our eyes. So I tell you now, Denver fans, he is on his way to being a superstar. And the eyes of a nation…. are on you, Denver.

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  2. Ali says:

    He’s a first round draft pick behind an agvaree quarterback in Kyle Orton. These days almost every first round quarterback is starting in Week 1 so he’s an exception (not that I hold that against him). He’s not a phenomenal athlete for any position outside of QB although he is incredibly strong for a quarterback, possesses a strong arm but not elite speed, in the sense that he won’t be able to operate the Wildcat or a similar formation in a similar way to how Ronnie Brown does.As for college records and performances I think we all know that they don’t equate to professional ability (taking snaps under center, reading coverages, etc) as it is very much a different game. Who knows how well he will do but he’s certainly on his own in terms of hype, ability, adoration for someone who hasn’t taken a snap in a regular season game. That’s why these sort of articles are appearing.

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