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  1. Bonnie Kuntz says:

    Are the protesters so jealous of success that they have to blame wall street. They should be blaming this present government for the bailouts. Success only comes with hard work, not expecting the government to take care of them. Their anger is misplaced. Do they understand economic’s at all?

    1. Anonymous says:

      It is not just Wall Street that we are blaming. It is the government. The current administration, past administrations. We are blaming the Capitalist system as a whole, and Wall Street just happens to be one of the largest symbols of American Capitalism. I am sure not all of us understand economics, as I’m sure not all of those not protesting do not understand economics as well. But the general consensus, whether someone understands economics or not, is that we are struggling to keep our heads above water while we are watching corporations outsource jobs to other countries, beg for tax breaks under the guise that they are going to use those breaks to create more jobs, and then turn around and use bailout money to fund CEO vacations. Yes, these bailouts come from the government, but they are going to the companies that essentially keep Wall Street running.

      We have many grievances that we are attempting to address, however, and the more we push to be heard, the louder our movement will become.

      I am disappointed in the lack of solid, factual information about our movement that the mainstream media has given to citizens such as yourself. They have labeled us as hippies, unpatriotic, violent. I for one work full time, with 10-20 hours of overtime and still struggle to make ends meet. I also happen to love this country, but I do not love the corruption that has been running it. And I am a strong advocate of non-violence! There are many more like me. The elderly, veterans, those who lost their jobs and have struggled to find new ones, those who are employed, students, teachers, police officers, and everything in between. We come from all walks of life!

      Come and join our movement, become informed, and you will soon realize that we are fighting for you and everyone else. This is not just about Wall Street, but about a much needed change if we hope to preserve this country, this world, for ourselves and generations to come!

      1. Teresa says:

        Right On………The people need to be strong and in order to achieve this they all need to be in communication with each other to work thru all the logistics of having such a mass of people in one area.. NY Occupy group has gone so far as to organize a support funded account that helps pay for maintaining the property on which they are holding the protest as well as Wifi, first aid center and meeting facilities etc. all the while maintaining cooperation with the city and local government. …All this is needed to attract the people that can and will step up if they know they have a chance to be part of a POSITIVE change..

    2. amri says:

      Unless you are one of the top 1% earners (over $250K); therefore, self-serving, reviewing Econ 101 would be most useful to you! Most of the top Wall Street earners did not get there through hard work, it was handed to them, then, they cheated and stole from the people via derivatives and the government bailouts – gave themselves raises, outsourced more jobs and left educated Americans w/o jobs and a hefty education loan – no misplaced anger here. Facts are facts! Greed is greed! What is Wall Street doing for our country?????

    3. Marvin Hall says:

      I used to work for Great West Life Assurance and the President Bill McCollum is a crook along with the other financial analyst who used to work for GWLA who merged TransAmerica with AEGNON and transferred over $7 Trillion dollars and the SEC with Maria Cassius is investigating the wrongdoing of the transfer of USA investments with European consortiums. The same place the stimulus money went to. Now all the investments lost money not one or two all of them conveniently moved their assets overseas to European banks and now the losses are over $14 Trillion dollars in assets. People lost everything and sacrificed and trusted thier government which is also going to be investigated for funneling this money overseas to European banks where the stimulus money went to during all this time while 300 Million Americans now struggle to make up the loss there is no way they will be able to get out of this trial of the century that involves Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen will be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. This government is corrupt and that is why this happened as predicted in the Book of Revelations in the Bible Marvin Hall

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