Logan Smith is an assignment desk editor and former photojournalist and editor for CBS4 with more than 30 years of journalism experience in print and television media.

Logan has lived in the northern part of Colorado’s Front Range most of his life. The spectacular Colorado geography keeps him here. Logan spends his free time refreshing his soul among the pine trees and granite peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

His family moved from Ohio to Loveland in 1976. Journalism quickly became a pursuit. Logan wrote for the high school newspaper at Thompson Valley, was a sportswriter and still photographer for his hometown newspaper while attending Colorado State University and also after graduation, left CSU ahead of schedule with a journalism degree in both print and television (and a minor in sociology), spent six years shooting and reporting for the Fort Collins Evening News, and then arrived at CBS4 in 1995. Logan was CBS4’s Boulder Newsroom photojournalist for nine years, and also has experience as a freelance sports photographer. He won awards and, more importantly, made good friends every step of the way.

Among his most memorable stories: A club devoted to balloon twisting; wildlife officers wrestling a wayward, half-tranq’d moose in central Boulder; bungee jumping from a hot air balloon (yes, he did it, too); CU trouncing Nebraska 62-37 in football; searchers deliberately triggering avalanches during the search for a missing man; flying in Copter4 to a small Colorado town to shoot the 8-man state football championship; the trauma of covering the Columbine HS shooting for two full, gut-wrenching days; and a homeless man living his last years in a car in a beautiful mountain canyon as joyous rafters floated past.

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Logan is the father of two young Colorado men and husband to a woman dedicated to rescuing animals on reservations in South Dakota.

Just The Facts

Year hired: 1995
Alma Mater: CSU
Why I am journalist: People need reliable, unbiased information. I am committed to its creation.
Hometown: Longmont
Number of children: 2
Hobbies: Hiking, woodworking, gardening, aquaponics, reading, exercising, friendship, keeping a strong sense of curiosity
What words best describe CBS4: Great leadership, great teamwork