Laura Phillips is the Managing Editor at CBS4. She oversees the station’s daily news coverage and works closely with the reporters. Laura joined the CBS4 team in 2013 as a News Producer.

She’s been producing newscasts in Denver since 2006. Laura won a Heartland Regional Emmy Award for the special report she produced called “Destination Denver: The New Union Station.”

Laura is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Journalism (Rock Chalk!) She grew up in a suburb of Chicago and every once in a while you can still hear her Midwest accent. She doesn’t miss the humidity, but pines for deep dish pizza and Portillo’s Italian Beef sandwiches.

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Laura and her husband love exploring the Rocky Mountain West with their dogs. They enjoy snowboarding, hiking, off-roading, camping and, of course, concerts at Red Rocks.

Just The Facts

• Position: Managing Editor
• Year hired: 2013
• Hometown: Naperville, IL
• Alma Mater: University of Kansas
• Why I am journalist: I’m bad at math and science? But seriously, I’ve always been curious and love to write.
• First story: As in intern at WIBW in Topeka I loved writing the “Good News” segment at the end of each newscast. My scripts were so cheesy and the producer would shake her head at me — then run the story without changing it.
• Role model: My father. He’s smart, compassionate, hard-working, thoughtful — I could go on and on.
• Favorite musician: Rise Against. I’ve missed only one of their Colorado concerts since moving here in 2006.
• Favorite food: All things sweet, but if I had to choose one dessert I’d say cannoli.
• Number of pets: I have two dogs that know no boundaries.
• Favorite sports team: U.S. Women’s Gymnastics! Followed by the Denver Broncos.
• Silly obsession: Law & Order. I’ve seen every episode of Law & Order, SVU and Criminal Intent and I still love to watch the marathons.
• Most used phrase: “It is what it is.” Even though my mom can’t stand it.
• What keeps you in Colorado? The sunshine, the mountains, the friendly people
• Who would play you in a movie? Aubrey Plaza